Prepping Your Home For The Holidays

file0001412286914The holiday season brings festivities and usually a lot of guests to many houses each year. If you are hosting a holiday get-together for the first time or if your house is the regular go-to place for holiday fun, consider the following ideas to not only make a lasting impression on your friends and family but also show them you want them to feel welcome in your home.

Plans before the guests arrive:

Power washing: Dirt and mold can fade the surface of your home or create unsightly deposit streaks. Whether you have siding or brick, power washing the outside of your home will make a visible improvement that is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming for your guests. Have a professional tell you what kind of nozzles and pressure should be used for the surface of your home so it gets cleaned properly.

Painting: Give your home a face lift for the holidays with a new coat of paint. Whether you have the outside or inside painted, the refreshing look of new paint will improve the look of your home and improve your spirits and those of your guests over the holidays.

De-clutter: Don’t make your guests fight for space during their stay. Go through rooms they will be staying in and see if there are open shelves and empty drawers for them to place their belongings. Also, make sure there is enough room in communal areas like coat closets for the additional coats and jackets.

The day your guests arrive:

Clean driveway and sidewalks: If inclement weather comes early, make sure your guests won’t have to wade through snow and ice to reach your door. Clear all walkways to your house and driveway so guests will have easy access to your home. The best way to do so is to hire a professional pressure washing company, like the experts at Miami painters.

Make space in the coat closet or entryway: The moment guests walk in the door there’s lots of greetings, hugs, and shuffling of belongings. Clear out your entryway area so guests can put down keys, handbags, luggage and coats.  Having a clean place to put everything in the entryway will save you from having to pick up items all throughout the rest of the house.

Extras: Place towels and linens your guests can use in a place they can easily access. Also, show them where more are available to them. Make sure guests have enough lighting in their room by adding table lamps. Provide extra alarm clocks as well just in case your guests have set schedules.

Prep your home for the holidays with these great tips!