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Country Design Tips & Tricks

What is Country design?

Country Design Tips & TricksThey say that “home is where the heart is.” That sentiment definitely rings true in the country design style, which features simple, cozy elements that make your home feel warm and welcoming. There are a variety of sub-cultures within the style of country design, as it is defined by location. Two of the most common country styles are English and French.

  • English Country Design is categorized by striking a balance between fabrics like gingham and plaid. Floral patterns are also very popular in this style, particularly when it comes to wallcoverings, decorative table arrangements, and wall decor.
  • French Country Design captures the bright and welcoming old-world rustic feeling of nature. Think exposed wooden beams, brick walls, stone flooring, and fireplaces.

Want to incorporate the country style throughout your home design? Read on for tips and tricks on how you can incorporate this cozy decor into your home.

  • Add plenty of natural elements. Country decor pays homage to the beauty of nature by incorporating natural elements like stone, wood, linen, and leather.  Treat your windows with natural layered fabrics like canvas, cotton, or burlap in striped or checkered patterns. Barn and animal accessories are also popular in this design style! From modest farm animal bookends to paintings of rural pastures, the country style embraces all that farm life has to offer when it comes to accessories.
  • Install a focal point. Barn doors have become increasingly popular, particularly in farmhouse design.  Use them to separate rooms or on larger walls to mimic the appearance of a larger space. You can also use barn doors to accessorize the space, whether you transform them into an end table, chairs, or window shutters. Barn doors are a great, easy way to tie the entire farmhouse style together.
  • Create balance with color. Light neutrals like white, linen, cream, and beige create a backdrop that pairs well with the accessories and country-style elements. Play around with variants like caramel and cream to bring even more warmth into your decor. Looking to add pops of color? Try shades of Americana, like rust red or navy blue, to tie the room together and add personality to the space.

Create a home that is modest and uncomplicated, but always warm and welcoming! For all of your farmhouse decorating needs, visit Piper Classics.