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Room Design For Newborns

We know, it is not easy raising a young, growing human. As a parent, your child’s nursery is the place where most of your time will be spent so it is important to prioritize the design of the room. Daily routines of changing, sleeping and playtime mean this room needs to function for specific needs and requirements of your new day-to-day life! Here are a few tips on ways to design the room you want for your newborn.

  • Separate functional spaces within the room. By dividing the room into sections, you won’t have to run back-and-forth to different areas of the room to retrieve items. Having a dedicated space for everything will make you want to spend more time in this room, too! Divide the room into three sections:
  1. Changing area (including changing table and storage)
  2. Sleep area ( crib and chair)
  3. Playtime area (floor space with ample room for tummy time)
  • Invest in high-quality pieces of furniture that can be used for the years to come. There are many, easy ways to make a nursery your own, even on a budget. One of the most expensive purchases for a nursery can be a changing table. Instead of buying a brand-new changing table, Decorating Den Interiors suggests finding a dresser you love, or even already own. A changing pad can be placed on the top of the dresser, and all of the needed supplies are within reach below in the drawers. An item like this can stay with your child while they grow and is worth the investment.
  • Keep it neutral. By keeping the nursery neutral, it will be easy to transform the room when you want a change. Instead of a printed wallpaper or colorful paint colors, focus on changing the bedding, decor, and artwork. These accents can transcend the theme of the room, and make it easy to switch out pieces as your child grows from a newborn to toddler, and beyond.

When it comes down to it, the most important aspect of a newborn’s room is its functionality for you as a parent and choosing pieces that will be lifesavers in the long run. Start by visualizing the room and find inspiration in color palettes, outfits, or landscapes. A great way to jump right in is gathering all your ideas on a Pinterest board. There is no right or wrong way to design a nursery for your bundle of joy, as long as you base your decisions on your lifestyle. Happy decorating!