How Faux Painting Can Save Your Walls

file8161297283924Faux painting is a great way to make a room more visually appealing. If you are not familiar with faux painting, it is a method of using various painting techniques to give a wall the appearance of marble, wood or stone. The process includes using various materials, including sponges, rags, graining tools, to achieve a textured design. Read on to learn how faux painting might be beneficial in your home.

  • Raises Property Value. This refers more to saving your overall home than just your walls. Faux painted walls can easily be painted over, which means that the next homeowner can keep up with ever-changing interior design trends. If your walls are kept modern and aesthetically-pleasing, this can increase your property value.
  • Less Hassle. Wallpaper can peel off and require a bit of high maintenance, but maintaining faux designs is as simple as applying a new top coat on top of the existing paint. Faux painting gives the appearance of a high quality textured design, without all of the hassle of wallpaper.
  • Offers Versatility. With so many materials and techniques that can be utilized, the faux finish design possibilities are endless – there’s an option suited for every interior design taste. Some of the possible choices include Venetian plaster, fresco, and marble. It comes down to your interior design tastes and the space in which you are working.
  • Opens A Space. Limiting your walls to a flat paint color can make a space feel small. Since faux painting designs offer the appearance of texture, your walls will give off the illusion of having more depth, thus opening up the room and making it appear larger than it actually is.
  • Visually Appealing. Sometimes regular paint can be boring, and doesn’t exactly portray your creative taste. Faux painting allows you the opportunity to be fun and imaginative. Plus, the result is a lot more impressive when compared to a traditional coat of paint!

While faux painting can be tackled by a homeowner, for professional results you want to consult with an expert, like the team at CertaPro Painters of Maine. An experienced faux design painter will have a portfolio of ideas for you to choose from and will help in choosing the right texture for the right space. Call today to start incorporating faux paint designs into your home!