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Five Simple Ways to Brighten Your Bathroom

Five Simple Ways to Brighten Your BathroomAre you tired of the cold weather? Brightening up your home during the cold fall and winter months is easier than you think. You don’t always need to remodel rooms in your home or add a new paint color in order to update them. There are smaller, more affordable cosmetic changes you can make to bring warmth back into your home. Below you will find five ways to brighten your bathroom as winter approaches.

Bright Colors– Using Yellow and Orange tones in your bathroom for the summer are a quick and easy way to brighten up any space.  A simple decorating tip is to frame a picture of bright flowers, such as daisies or sunflowers, and hang them on the wall. Orange brings energy, heat, and life into a room and yellow has been described as a great mood lifter, bringing light, zest, and sun into a dark space.

Whiten Up- White is a color that is associated with purity and perfection, and also brings a feeling of cleanliness and positivity into a room. When you decorate with the color white, it can brighten up a room. Put away the dark colors from winter and replace bathroom accessories such as towels, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes using a crisp bright white.

Open The Space- An open bathroom can create the feel of a more inviting space. To achieve this, take a minimalistic approach to your bathroom’s fixtures. Wall mounted sinks, slim-tank toilets, and bathtubs that are fixed into the walls not only make moving around easier in what’s already a tiny space, but these features also help to make the bathroom a work of art.

Silver and Glass- Changing your décor over to silver and glass is a fresh way to get a clean look with an added touch of elegance.  Glass mirrored containers or accessory holders can help reflect light and brighten the room. Silver fixtures are another easy way to change up the look of your bathroom, creating a sleek and elegant look.

Go Natural- Bring in natural hues and flowers as an easy way to change your bathroom look for the winter months. Line your counter with glass mason jars holding flowers to add freshness to the look of your bathroom. Find stones and pebbles outdoors or at your local craft store to add to jars, or create your own accessory holders for an organic look.

Let warmth into your bathroom with these fresh and exciting bathroom decorating tips.