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Bedroom Window Dressings

file000939084473With so many possibilities for window treatments, you might be having a difficult time choosing which will look best for your bedroom.

There are curtains, shades, drapes – not to mention the number of hardware combinations that you can utilize for each type of window dressing. By adding a new window treatment, you can instantly freshen up the look of a drab bedroom.

  • Sheer Curtains. Not only does this option provide you with an elegant and visually appealing look, but these curtains also let a good bit of light in. By allowing natural light in from outside, your room will appear much larger and open. Curtains are also very light-weight, so they prove to be an easy low-maintenance choice.
  • Neutral Drapes. Whites and nude shades are not only classic, but able to match an endless amount of bedroom color schemes, making them a great option for bedroom window dressings. This leaves you room to play with your comforter, sheets, and accessories in your room.
  • Patterned Curtains. Patterns are a good idea for adding life to a solid-colored bedroom scheme. You can play it safe by opting for a curtain with a pattern that matches your interior color scheme, or you can go bold and choose a playful pattern in a contrasting shade.
  • Metallic Rods. If you are happy with your current window treatments, but are still looking for a way to liven up your bedroom – you might want to change out the hardware. Try ditching your aluminum rod for a visually-appealing metallic finish one, or find unique finials that will showcase your personality and accent your drapes .
  • Blackout Shades. If you are not interested in unwanted light peaking through your windows in the morning, blackout shades are the way to go. They are available in many different options, so you can choose just how dark you want your bedroom to be.
  • Vibrant Curtains. The best way to add life to a neutral colored room is to add a splash of color. Try adding curtains in a bright fun hue, like lilac or cerulean, to make your window pop. Find a color that you enjoy and pair it with your neutral bedspread to create a relaxing bedroom space.
  • Wood Shutters. This is a good option for those who appreciate their privacy. There are many different slat sizes to choose from, so you can determine which one provides the opacity for the amount of light that you would like let in. This look is especially great if you’re going for a coastal vibe in your bedroom.

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