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Incredible Patio Inspiration

Incredible Patio Inspiration

Summertime means prolonged days in the sun and breezy nights under the stars. Creating an awesome patio where your friends and family want to hang out isn’t hard, as long as you incorporate the right elements. Find out what you can do to make your patio pop this summer!

Masonry:  The first thing you should consider when creating a unique patio space is the ground it will be set on. If your current patio is made up of cracked cement or worn patches of grass, have new brick work laid down.  Hardscaping will give your patio an elegant look, as well as stand the test of time. Don’t forget to consider other types of mason work, such as retaining walls or fire pit chimneys. Speak with a professional masonry contractor about how you can make your backyard incredible.

Shade: A patio is a space where you should be able to spend all day. Since the sun is shining a majority of the long summer days, you will want to have areas that offer shade. In excess, the sun can cause the skin to burn. Consider adding a corner umbrella and small steel table setting in the corner. If you’re feeling bold, construct a natural wooden roof over your patio. For added shade, allow ivy and other vines to grow around the wood and provide natural shade.

Water:  Complete your incredible backyard landscape with a water fixture. From a fountain to a stone waterfall, these installments will turn your backyard into a serene scene. Known to cleanse the psyche, the sound of water dripping is soothing and relaxing, enhancing your leisure time spent on the patio. Try to find a fountain or waterfall with a small recalculating pump so you can enjoy the peaceful sounds of water trickling over a stone or bamboo spout.

Light:  You’ll want to have some sources of light if you plan on utilizing your patio throughout the daytime and evening hours. Backyard lighting can be useful but also create a relaxing ambiance. Try hanging mini-lanterns from a pergola, or lining your patio with tiki torches. You can also purchase solar paneled lighting that will automatically turn on after the sun sets, effortlessly transitioning from day to night.

Personal Accents:  Don’t forget to incorporate things that you enjoy into your incredible backyard. Fully embrace the great outdoors by decorating with various bird feeders. When the birds of your particular region come to feed, their attractive feathers will provide your patio with a unique live art installment. If you are a music lover, decorate with wind chimes. The summer breezes will create one-of-a-kind symphonies for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Create an incredible patio to enjoy each and every day with any or all of these outdoor essentials.