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5 Tips To Create A Luxury Backyard

IMG_4156Summer is upon us, and so it is time to start preparing the yard for countless gatherings. Turn your backyard barbecue into a luxurious celebration with these design tips that won’t break the bank.

Let nature in. Bring natural elements into your backyard to create a unique and relaxing space. Use patterns with different shades of greens and browns throughout your outdoor patio. Plant a garden of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to use in outdoor cooking. Pick flowers to use for table settings, or arrange them in a bouquet to create a festive, summer centerpiece. Consider using burlap fabric as place settings or chair covers for an added connection to nature.

Use summer ornaments. Playful string lights, garden gnomes, and even decorative planters can all help to create a unique backyard. Scatter lawn ornaments that are true to your style throughout your yard to showcase your interests. Hang decorative flags throughout the summer to symbolize holidays or the entire season itself.

Showcase organic centerpieces. Keep your centerpieces and table settings organic and beautiful by using natural resources like tree branches, handpicked flowers, and fruits. Mix them together in glass vases, metal pails, or flower pots. Don’t worry about organization here; unstructured and free flowing arrangements are reminiscent of the flourishing flowers in the wild. Stone fire pits, like those installed by Gasper Landscaping, also make for a great backyard centerpiece, providing a place to unwind, roast marshmallows, or enjoy a summer evening.

Inspire with lighting: When it comes to outdoor lighting, the design options are limitless. Use mason jars to cover dangling string lighting to create a warm, southern feel. For those who are craftier, turn a wine bottle into a torch with minimal hardware and a wick. Hole-punch designs into tin cans to turn them into decorative candle holders. If you are choosing to go the candle route, you can use citronella candles to light your table setting while also keeping bugs away.

Utilize the little things. With outdoor design, even the smallest details can make a great impact. Incorporate unique finishing touches, like using twine as a napkin ring, when entertaining guests. Use card stock and stamps to make place card settings. Fill in empty space in glass candle votives with pressed flowers and decorative stones. Find small ways to tie your designer back yard together that your guests are sure to notice!

Summer is just around the corner. Turn your backyard into a natural oasis this summer with these simple design tips.