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Winter Landscaping Tips

IMG_8650If you live in an area where the winter climate is brutal, you might consider landscaping in this weather rather useless. However, this is absolutely not the case – there are preventative actions that you can take to protect your landscape from the freezing cold, and ways to tend to greenery after inclement weather conditions.

Well-maintained residential and commercial landscaping can make a huge difference in your home or business’ appearance and value, which is why it is important to tend to your scenery all year round. Learn more about maintaining your landscape through the wintry weather.

  • Keep landscaped areas clean. It’s easy for a yard or business front to be consumed by fallen leaves and tree branches, making your landscape look sloppy and unattended to. If you try to tackle the cleanup at the end of the season, it may feel overwhelming. Instead, make yard maintenance a habit. When you step into your yard each day, take notice of any fallen debris and use a bag to collect everything you see. Reuse the bag daily until it becomes full, then dispose of it. This will instantly help your landscape appear more pleasant and attractive, and prevent you from having to deal with a major cleanup when winter ends.
  • Protect any plants. Plants can take a brutal hit during the freezing temperatures, but luckily there are precautions that you can take to help them make it through the winter. When watering plants, avoid the leaves and petals and instead, aim for the soil below. You can also cover up the plants with plastic wrapping to help shield them from frost. For small potted plants and flowers, try keeping them close together and placing them in a safe spot closer to your home to keep them as warm as possible.
  • Maintain tree branches. With heavy snow and ice, tree branches may become brittle which can lead to breaking. Since falling tree branches can be a danger to both you and your home, it’s best to tend to those fragile branches and twigs before it becomes too late. If you see a hanging branch, take precaution and safely cut it from the stub. By clipping these lingering branches, you are eliminating the chance for them to fall and cause potentially serious damage to your house or your loved ones.
  • Brush off snow. If you are located in an area that receives frequent and heavy snowfall, this especially important for you. When it is safe to go out after a snow storm, gently brush the snow upwards above the leaves and the limbs. If you notice that they are covered in ice, do not try to break them off. Also, be careful not to shake tree branches as this can lead to the limbs becoming weak and possibly falling off and causing damage.

Make sure to beat the winter blues with these tips and tricks for landscaping in cold weather.