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Vintage Style For Your Child’s Bedroom

Vintage decoration adds a certain elegance and timeless feel to any room in the home. Creating a vintage themed room for a child is beautiful way to capture the classic exc

ellence and enduring appeal of vintage.

Here are a few to add some vintage décor into your child’s bedroom:


Classic toys are one of the best ways to decorate a child’s bedroom.  Children are intrigued to learn about their parent’s past, so if you have any vintage toys, consider displaying them in your child’s room. If your vintage toys are valuable, place them in shadow boxes. They will still add decoration, without the worry of any permanent damage. Alternatively, search for old treasures on online Auction sites, or even car boot sales.

Wooden toys will often pass for vintage, even if they aren’t.  If finding real vintage is proofing too difficult, consider a few non-authentic wooden toys, such as a classic rocking horse or wooden clock.

Vintage Plates

Vintage Plates are a fantastic way to add vintage style into your child’s bedroom, without spending an excessive amount of money. You are sure to find a variety of colourful and playful designs which will add a beautiful decorative feeling to your child’s interiors. Hang the plates artisiticly on the wall, and you have the makings of a great vintage bedroom without minutes.


You may feel that buying expensive furniture from up-market antique shops is the only way to get the desired furniture you want. However, the trick is to find good

sold furniture, which you can do some work on. Car boot sales, charity shops and online auctions are all great places to find an old desk, chair, wardrobe or bed. Alternatively, if you want to keep the furniture you already have, accessorise by adding vintage pieces such as canopy bed curtains for a traditional look. Additionally, by adding some vintage handmade cushions, throws and soft toys you can really pull a vintage theme together.

Wall art

Vintage prints are a great cost-effective wall art option for your child’s décor. Frame old pages from vintage books, or hang classic film posters on your child’s wall. Old black and white Disney posters are a great choice for traditional posters. Consider placing a few retro style wallart2u stickers on your child’s wall. Decals like Pokka dots are classic vintage, and will create a fun element to your child’s décor. Additionally, a Personalised name sticker in a Calligraphic font will cover a large wall space, and give the room extra dimension.



A home would not be a home without Games. Checkers, Monopoly and Candyland are all classic games which can add another fun and a creative way to bring vintage into your child’s room. These great games can make beautiful framed wall art pieces when framed. ernatively, place them around the room on shelves for decoration, and pull them down when you want to play with them.

Creating a vintage themed room for your child may initially seem like an expensive, and time-consuming project, but by making a few important changes you can create a be

autiful and elegant bedroom for all to admire.

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