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Updating Your Vacation Home

file0001758788493Now that the end of summer is near, now is the best time to give your vacation home some TLC. Planning ahead and executing home updates before next season rolls around is ideal so that you don’t interfere with renters, or your own vacation time! Use these tips as a guide to help you update your vacation home quickly and easily.

  • Refresh the overall look. Whether your vacation home’s exterior needs some touching up, or you want to update the color in the master bedroom or living area, the end of the summer is perfect for painting projects. Madison County painters recommend completing painting projects at the end of the summer, due to the ample hours of sunlight and lack of humidity in the air. Be sure to allow enough drying time before the end of the season so that you can get furniture back into place before closing your place down for the season.
  • Check the integrity of your windows. Between weather wear and general use, your windows can take a beating. Due to the risk of intruders entering your vacation home during your extended time away, you’ll want to make sure that your windows are secure to prevent any problems. Check for cracks and other damage, and ensure that the locks on the windows work. If your vacation home has a security system in place, make sure that it works and has all of the up-to-date software installed.
  • De-clutter tables and shelves. Throughout the vacation season, you may have acquired some unnecessary clutter. Whether it’s from rental guests leaving belongings behind, or one too many shopping sprees, getting rid of unnecessary clutter will leave less room for dust collection. Clearing away the clutter will also help prevent you from feeling overwhelmed when you return next season. To get started, fill up at least one trash bag of items that you don’t need lying around the house.
  • Revive your flooring. Over the years it can be easy for carpets, tile, and hardwood floor to wear down. The end of the summer season is the perfect time to think about deep cleaning your carpeted floors, or re-staining wood flooring. Refreshing your floors, which can be worn from renters and visitors alike, will give the space an overall look of cleanliness and organization.

Revamping your vacation home is something that should be done in order to maintain a relaxing space for when you have the chance to get away!