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What Type Of Lighting Is Important For Your Home Décor?

Kitchen LightingMany people do not concentrate much on lighting while decorating their home. They forget that without proper lighting the furniture, carpets, floorings, and all other decorative items will loose their value. Lighting can change your mood and it affects the overall appearance of your home. First I will tell you the importance of lighting and then its ravishing types which will illuminate your home.

Importance of lighting:

 The lighting is very crucial element in home decoration. It reinforces the beauty of your interior. Without proper lighting there will be no color and you will feel depressed. It creates the illusion of space after reflecting from the wall surface. Lighting can make your small rooms look bigger. Lighting is the source of energy and it will uplift your spirit. So be careful in selection of lights in your home.

Types of lighting:

There are many different types of lighting in these days which can add beauty to your home.

Ambient lighting:

Ambient is actually a hidden source of lighting and it creates very little shadows. It flattens the interior of the room. Wall sconce is a ambient light.it is the mood light and you can use them in bathrooms and narrow hallways.

Accent lighting:

To highlight a particular object or any unusual architectural decorative item in your home the accent lights are perfect option. They add interest and charm to that particular object.

Task light:

Task lightening is used to light the daily activities such as reading, makeup; cooking etc. the purpose of task lightening is to increase the visual clarity so that your eyes do not get tired. The glare free lights should be used for this purpose. Pendants or drop lights are example of task lights. They are perfect choice for the kitchen. They are available in different styles and finishes.

Aesthetic lighting:

This type of lighting is used with other lighting. It is meant to give an artistic look and it is a work of art in itself. Best example of aesthetic lighting is a spot light illuminating the cheap canvas printings of your family photos on your wall.

Kinetic light:

The natural light such as sunlight, fire and candle light is known as kinetic lighting. The extent up to which the sunlight will illuminate your home depends on weather conditions. A bright sunny day will give vibrant light while a foggy day will gloom the interior. All you need is to design your windows in such a way as to capture maximum amount of light.

Decorative light:

The decorative lights are actually the light in some decorative item such as flower shaped lamp or vintage looking candle light. They are not meant to give much light. They are only used as decorative items. You can place them at table corner or on shelf in the kitchen.


They are perfect for your living room. They will become the focal point and enhance the artistry of your home. You can easily control the amount of light in them with the help of dimmer.

Vanity lights:

They are also known as mirror lights. Vanity lights are long strips of lighting with many small bulbs. They are good for bathrooms because they can focus clearly the appearance of anyone against the mirror.

Select these types of lighting and install them properly. Without lighting you will not feel the comfort and beauty of your home.

AtiqUr Rehman is professional independent information technology provider. He writes on gardening, home decoration and photography.