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Top Kitchen Design Ideas 2013

Top Kitchen Design Ideas 2013

A bright, inviting, modern kitchen makes a wonderful addition to any home, but often the hassle, mess and expense of remodelling is simply too much to take on, especially

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when you’ll only need to update again in a few years anyway.

However, decorating in neutral colours is the perfect way to so your kitchen looks great now and for years to come. With a lick of paint and a few cosmetic changes like new taps, replacement kitchen cupboard doors and contemporary window dressings you really can create your dream kitchen.

With a neutral palette as your base, you can add accessories and finishing touches that tap into this year’s key trends.

1. Monochrome

Black and white are totally timeless and the contrasting hues work particularly well in kitchens. If you want to create more light then choose reflective kitchen cupboard doors and work surfaces. Hit the trend for all things tribal with an African inspired printed blind and add interest with colourful accessories.

2. Bright Light

Small kitchens can easily start to feel cramped and dark so add plenty of extra light sources if you want to create a feeling of more space. You can incorporate overhead lights, lamps on surfaces and directional lamps under units. For an ultra-contemporary touch add a strip of neon around the bottom of your kitchen cupboards.

3. Texture

Bright colours are a great way to add interest to a room, but if you want to keep things neutral you can get the same effect by combining lots of different textures. Wooden kitchen units look great juxtaposed against a glass splashback, whilst polished concrete or luxurious marble will add a touch of glamour.

4. Traditional Design

One way to ensure your kitchen doesn’t date is to give it a classic country feel. You can incorporate a touch of country with a light warm colour palette of soft greys or warm biscuit tones and solid wood fitted units, or you can go the whole hog and create a completely free standing kitchen.

Neutral doesn’t need to be minimal. You can still incorporate all the things you love like window dressings, table cloths, pictures, mirrors and table dressings. Provided you stick to two or three neutral colours that work well together the space won’t end up looking too cluttered.

5. Straight Lines

Modern design is all about straight, flowing lines and you can completely transform the look of your kitchen by swapping some of your fixtures for more modern ones. For example, a streamlined, contemporary tap or set of chrome accessories can make a big impact for very little effort.

6. Mix Traditional and Modern

One of 2013’s biggest design trends is mixing modern and more contemporary furniture together. A traditional solid wood kitchen table works wonderfully with contemporary units and a timeless wooden work surface will look great contrasted with glass or even a brushed steel splashback.

So take a tip out of the best designer’s books and go neutral if you want to create a clean, fresh and contemporary kitchen.

Giles Robinson has worked at Kitchen Door Workshop for over 7 years, providing thousands of hours of kitchen design advice to his customers. His passion for design, especially in the kitchen, is often dished out online to anyone that wants to listen.