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Tips to Prevent Permanent Staining of Your Carpet


Carpets insulate the floor during winters, give homes an elegant look and can help create a focal point in the room. Having a carpet also means taking good care of it, so that it does not look unkempt. Although you may vacuum clean the carpet regularly, it also pays to hire professional carpet and tile cleaners to keep your carpet looking great, fresh and contaminant-free. Professional cleaning will get rid of embedded dirt, dust and soil which regular vacuum cleaning cannot get rid of.

When carpets are used in homes with kids and pets, there are bound to be stains. Well, even adults are known to spill their morning coffee or tea, especially when they are in a hurry. This can mar the beauty of a carpet. This can be frustrating. However, according to the best carpet cleaners in Glendale you can prevent permanent staining by taking immediately action. If you want to maintain the beauty of your carpet and avoid permanent stains, here are some simple tips that will help immensely.

Deal with the Spill Immediately

If anything spills on the carpet, remove it right away before it penetrates deep into the fibers. The best carpet cleaners in Glendale recommend using an absorbent cloth and dabbing the spillage. Take care not to rub the spill, as this will cause the liquid to work its way into the carpet resulting in a stain.

Use a Good Vacuum Cleaner

What makes professional carpet and tile cleaners great in their work? Their cleaning methods and a good vacuum cleaner. You too can replicate some of their cleaning methods by using a vacuum cleaner that has great suction abilities. This will help suck out the dirt from within the microfibers and also eliminate loose embedded dirt and soil and minimize the chances of stains getting permanent. It is best to avoid vacuum cleaners with brush or beater bar, as it will damage the carpet.

Dry Cleaning Kit

If you have an expensive carpet, the last thing you need is ugly stains. Not only will it mar the beauty of the carpet, it also will ruin your investment. Most professional carpet and tile cleaners recommend using a dry cleaning kit for carpets to get rid of stubborn stains. The kit comes with a machine and drying chemical that can work wonders on a stained carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning helps to clean the deeper layers of a carpet. While it is not possible for you to use this cleaning method, the best carpet cleaners in Glendale can offer it. This carpet cleaning methods uses pressurized steam to deep cleanse carpets and get rid of dirt and soil that is embedded in the carpet. However, it is imperative that after steam cleaning, the cleaners take measures to dry the carpet completely. Otherwise, it will encourage growth of mold and also ruin your carpet.

Regardless of the type of carpet you have, it is advisable to maintain it by vacuum cleaning it often to remove superficial dirt, dust and soil. And, call upon professional carpet and tile cleaners to deep clean the carpet once a year. This is will ensure that nasty-looking stains are kept at bay and your carpet looks fresh, well-maintained and beautiful always.

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