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The Best Water Saving Devices


As the planet’s population continues to rise at an unprecedented rate, safe and clean water used for drinking and sanitation purposes becomes increasingly scarce. This has resulted in a rise in energy and water bills and as a result many households are doing all they can to ensure that their costs are kept to a minimum.   One of the easiest ways to do this is by introducing and implementing water saving devices into your home, and you will find that the majority of these products are low priced and easy to install. Most water saving products require virtually no maintenance and they can reduce your water consumption rates by up to 60%, which will have a massive impact on your energy bills.   I encourage you to purchase and use as many of the following in your home as possible.

Water Saving Devices

Water saving devices work in a number of different ways. Some devices use a process known as aeration to reduce water usage. This involves adding air to the liquid which increases mass while reducing the amount of water that is actually released.   Others restrict the amount of water that is released to ensure that no excess water escapes. You should spend some time researching into the various devices that are available to buy, and remember that not all devices are universal in connection.

Water Saving Shower Heads

These are one of the most popular devices sold today, and you can shop with specialist companies like Agua Flux for water saving shower heads. These work through use of aeration, and can reduce your consumption rates by up to 50%. Water saving shower heads are available for both fixed and handheld shower heads.

Faucet Aerators

As the name implies these also utilise aeration to reduce consumption, and can do so up to 60%. If you’re considering buying faucet aerators then make sure you buy those that are made from brass and coated in chrome, as this will prevent a build up of lime scale and keep them free from corrosion.

Shower Head Restrictors

These devices utilise restriction and as with the faucet aerators you should look for those made from brass and coated in chrome.

Double Flush Toilets

If you have a bit more money you can spend on water saving devices then I suggest you consider buying one of these. These toilets utilise two flushes allowing you to pick one suitable for what has to be disposed of.   It’s also possible to buy the device separate and have it installed into your current cistern, but if you’re considering doing this then make sure you hire a professional plumber to do so.

Shower Timer

It can be hard to keep track of how long we spend in the shower, but using a shower timer will ensure that everyone is in it for a suitable length of time.

Hose Trigger

These are used with your garden hose, and automatically stop water from escaping from the nozzle when the hose is not in use. Most garden hoses leak water when they have been turned off so using a hose trigger will prevent this from happening.

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