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Spring Cleaning For Your Office

350-012Spring is finally here! Many people dread the coming of spring, because with it comes the prospect of spring cleaning. What people may not consider are the many benefits associated with a spring cleansing, particularly in an office space. It’s always best to begin cleaning with a plan in mind, so refresh your business or home office this spring with these cleaning tips.

Dusting:  Dust allergens can be a major problem in the spring. When dusting, start from the top of the room (high shelving or ceiling fans) and work your way down (desk and counter surfaces) to ensure you clear away a majority of dust particles. Don’t forget to clear the dust that settles in electronic devices with compressed air. When finished, vacuum to remove any dust that may have fallen and settled into the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning:  Steam cleaning the carpets in your office building removes excess dirt that has built up over the winter months. Vacuum often to remove excess surface dirt, especially in high traffic areas and steam clean your carpets one to two times per year to extract set-in stains, dirt, and germs for a deeper clean.  Freshen the look of your carpets with any one of JMI Cleans carpet cleaning methods.

Organize Space:  Clean up spaces in your home or office by putting items where they belong. Scan important documents and store them electronically. Stow rarely used items in drawers or cabinets to maintain a clear workspace. Keep items that are used daily out and easily accessible. Check the supply levels of office necessities, like paper, printer ink, and pens. If you are running low, head to a local supply store.

Clear Technical Clutter:  When it comes to spring cleaning, don’t leave out your electronics. Empty your recycle bin and clear away any clutter on your computer desktop. Use folders to organize files by date or client. Clean out and organize your email inbox for a fresh start. Add a bright spring background to welcome the season to your technology.

Window Cleaning:  For businesses, having the windows cleaned maintains a look of professionalism. Dust and pollen build up from spring flowers can cause windows to look powdered or streaky. Remember to clean windows that get clouded with fingerprints, especially on doors, between professional cleanings.

Break Room Cleanup:  If your office has a break room, kitchen or any type of food storage, be sure to clear that out during spring cleaning. Throw away old or expired foods. Wipe down the interior surfaces in the refrigerator and freezer with a disinfectant to remove built-up grime. Replenish the stock of everyday groceries like coffee, water, and snacks.

Spring cleaning is a great way to start off a new season at work. It clears away the dirt and dust from long winter and helps to brighten up the office. Dedicate a few days to get your office fresh and clean!