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Shower Heads: Multiple Heads, Rain Heads…What’s The Difference?

KBIS 2011 - Brizo ShowerheadsDesigning your shower in your custom home can be an overwhelming task with a myriad of choices and decisions to make. When deciding on shower heads, first you should learn what all of your options are and think about what you are looking for in your new shower- is it power, ambiance, a statement? Explore a variety of different multiple head showers, rain heads and creative shower heads before you decide which is best for your new bathroom.

Multiple Heads:

Installing multiple shower heads in your custom bathroom will add a quality of luxury, indulgence and total relaxation into your shower experience. Whether you choose to have two opposing shower heads so that you are sprayed from all angles or you go the more deluxe route and install a “shower tower”, you can’t go wrong with an oasis of water. Some shower towers with multiple heads include both a rain head as well as four separate heads, each with their own controls.

Another benefit of installing multiple shower heads is that you can also add a hand-held shower that allows for mobility in your shower, is perfect for helping little ones shower or hosing off your shower after cleaning it. You have endless possibilities for customization when you install multiple heads and you have the flexibility of adjusting the temperature and strength of the water for each valve and head.

Top Choices for Multiple Shower Heads:

Rain Heads:

Rain heads can provide a luxurious and relaxing showering experience by spreading the water out over a larger surface area with less pressure. If you don’t want to be engulfed in water with shower heads coming at you in all directions and you are looking for a more serene showering experience, a rain head is the perfect option.

Rain heads are designed to give a soaking rinse as opposed to a forceful flow of water. When designing your custom bathroom, you can choose to simply replace your old shower head with a rainfall system, or you can install a ceiling-mounted rain head, commonly referred to as a waterfall shower head.

Top Choices for Rain Shower Heads:

When deciding on which type of shower head is the perfect choice for your new home, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Do you like an invigorating and full body experience like jumping into a pool when you shower? Or, do you prefer a light gentle stream of water that feels as if you are standing under a luxurious waterfall in Hawaii? For the full body jets, choose the multiple heads or install a shower system. If you are the more serene and subtle type, a rain head will work perfectly for your customs shower. With both options you will be sure to create a luxurious and customized option for your new home.

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