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Revitalize Your Cabinets On A Budget: Refinishing vs. Refacing

spacious kitchenIf your kitchen cabinets are outdated and boring, you may consider purchasing a new set. Cabinets do make or break any kitchen, after all. Replacing kitchen cabinets can be messy and expensive business, and probably why you haven’t upgraded so far! Good news – you don’t have to choose between living with the sub-par and completely gutting your entire kitchen. For most kitchens, a simple refinish or re-facing job will provide all the aesthetic benefits of newly constructed cabinets, but for a fraction of the price. The setup and appearance of your kitchen cabinets will help determine what solution would provide the best result. Discover inexpensive solutions to your cabinet woes.


Cabinet refinishing simply refers to painting or staining the existing components of your cabinets. Refinishing is the least invasive way to update the appearance of your cabinets, and for some, it is all that need be done. In order to do this, the existing stain or paint is removed with either sandpaper or a chemical stripping agent. This leaves the cabinets bare and ready for a new look. If you like the type of wood from which your cabinets are constructed, a fresher, darker stain might do the trick. But if you don’t like the appearance of your wood, painting might be a better route to take. Painting will cover the entire grain and surface of the wood, transforming the overall look of your cabinets in a less costly manner.


Sometimes, a refinish is not enough to get your cabinets up-to-date. If you do not like the wood that composes your cabinets, then a different stain isn’t going to make things much better. In these situations you may be better off re-facing your cabinets. Re-facing refers to a process when the entire cabinet is covered, including the doors and drawers – with a wood or laminate veneer. Using this technique, you can dramatically change the appearance of any cabinet, regardless of its original material. An added advantage of re-facing is that the veneer covers up any imperfections that may have been present in the old wood. This creates the illusion that your old cabinets are truly brand new.

There’s nothing stopping you from having the kitchen of your dreams, even if you’re working on a tight budget. Making smart decisions like refinishing or re-facing your cabinets can improve your kitchen’s aesthetic beauty while at the same time, increasing the value of your home.