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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Things to Avoid!

A bubble bathRemodeling your home bathroom can be a tricky task, but comes with a number of benefits, including increasing your home’s overall value. There are a number of things to consider prior to attempting a bathroom renovation. Below are a few of the most commonly neglected things people forget to plan around.

Overspending: Before you begin planning a bathroom remodeling project, set up a budget. Setting a budget can help curb your spending overall and avoid overspending on big-ticket items like bathtubs or toilets. Remember to leave yourself a cushion for emergencies. Should any issues occur during the remodeling process, this extra money will come in handy for repairs.

Lacking Airflow: Many people disregard the importance of bathroom ventilation throughout the remodeling process. If your home is older, you may already have a ceiling window and roof screen that allows the free flow of air in your bathroom. If your bathroom lacks a window, install a bathroom fan. Improper bathroom ventilation can lead to future problems like bubbling paint or ceiling mold.

Lessening Lighting: Poor lighting in a bathroom space can be extremely dangerous, as well as an inconvenience. Opting for soft, subdued lighting as a stylistic décor choice may look upscale, but will not be as functional. To avoid this issue, use lighting over your shower and sink, as these are the most areas where lighting is most important.

Trying Trends: Opting for trendy colors or designs might be fun now, but having to re-do your bathroom again in a few years won’t be. Instead of going with the latest design trend, opt for classic, neutral designs that can be added to. Using neutral wall colors and bathroom fixtures allows you the chance to play with color and design in other items like towels and bath rugs. In this way, you’re able to showcase your style and maintain a timeless bathroom design.

Skimping on Storage: Many people feel the need to remove storage units or spaces to open up a space. In some cases, this might be necessary, but not when it comes to a bathroom. Storage is extremely important in a bathroom, and allows you to stow away necessities without leaving your bathroom cluttered. Remember to allow for extra storage space in your bathroom design. Make good usage of empty wall space by adding shelving or cabinets. Retailers, like The Bath Outlet, offer affordable and functional storage solutions for bathrooms of any size.

Doing It Yourself: Remodeling a bathroom involves a certain skill set, and can include general construction, plumbing, and electrical work. If something is installed incorrectly, it could turn into a huge and unexpected expense down the road. Rid yourself of these potential risks and reach out to local professionals for help.

Plan a proper bathroom remodel with by remembering to consider these renovation do not’s.