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Professional Painting Tools For DIY Projects

There is much more to a painter’s toolbox than just a single brush. House painters require a collection of various necessities to help them complete the job to ensure that it looks as clean and professional as it possibly can.  If you’re thinking about a DIY home improvement, discover the ten must-have tools every painter should have.

  1. When working on a project, chances are there will be a spot that you simply aren’t tall enough to reach. An extendable ladder makes it possible for you to do the impossible! Make your ladder is foldable, making for easy storage when on the go. Consider getting a few ladders at various heights to deal with projects that involve high ceilings.
  2. Painter’s Tape. Nothing will help you achieve a smooth clean-edge like a good roll of painter’s tape can. Splurge for a high-quality option that won’t lift the paint off your walls.
  3. Drop Cloths. No matter how good of a painter you are, you always want to protect the floors around a job. Canvas drop cloths are perfect for quickly absorbing paint spills of any size, and ideal to throw down before starting any size job.
  4. Natural Bristle Brush. Since their bristles are soft and made from animal hair, these brushes are ideal for applying oil-based paints. You can buy a natural bristle brush either that’s flat or angled.
  5. Synthetic Bristle. These bristles are a bit more versatile and can be used for applying both water- and oil-based paints. You can also purchase these brushes either flat or angled.
  6. You don’t always know how large a homeowners wall will be. In addition to a large ladder, it’s important to be equipped with an extending arm for your paint roller. Choose one with an adjustable handle so you are able to alter the length depending on what is needed.
  7. Paint Guard. This is a convenient tool for smaller projects when applying painter’s tape would take more time than the actual paint job. The metal edge on the side that you wish to protect, and then freely paint on the other side.
  8. Trim Edger. Yet another handy tool for forming a clean edge, this gadget contains a pad that you saturate with paint and continuously move along the wall for a straight line. It’s the perfect tool to create a finished look in tight spots.
  9. Metal Paint Tray. This sturdy paint roller tray makes for easy cleanup when you’re done a project since you can line it with a plastic covering before pouring in your paint. Get one with hooks so that you can sit it on a ladder if necessary.
  10. Door Hinge Covers. If you have to paint a door but don’t feel like removing it from its frame, then you will love these plastic coverings that protect hinges during the job.

Painting can be a messy task, but as long as you have the essentials ready then you will have nothing to worry about. Make sure you have these tools handy in your kit for your next paint job. This post brought to you by the experts at CertaPro Painters of Fairfield, CT.