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Preparing Your Deck For The Cold

file1491258885740Summertime means backyard barbecues and enjoying time on the deck. In order to keep the deck looking its best throughout the year, it’s important to prepare your deck for the fall, and ultimately the winter snow.

Pack Up Patio Furniture: Your patio furniture may have come weatherproofed, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be stored away from the elements to safeguard usability. Before your remove the furniture from your deck, check to make sure there was no damage done to the furniture throughout the summer season. If necessary, apply a weatherproof finishing coat to wood or metal pieces. Once sealed, put furniture in a safe place where damaging winds or animals won’t be able to reach it, like a basement or storage shed. If covered areas aren’t available, place a tarp over the furniture and secure the ends. These precautions will help ensure the furniture will look its best for the next summer.

Clean The Grill: After a few months of cooking outdoors, your grill probably has a lot of grime and build up. Remove all of the grates and shelving inside the grill and spray them with a de-greaser. Allow them to soak for a few minutes, and then give them a good scrubbing. Spray them down with hot water to remove any excess dirt or de-greaser, and then allow time to dry. Don’t forget to wash the sides and outside of the grill to remove dirt or any food splatters from cooking. Store the cleaned grates inside the grill throughout the fall and winter. If your grill has ceramic plates for cooking, you’ll want to store those inside, as the cold weather can be damaging to them. Be sure to disconnect propane or gas connectors and cover the grill with a tarp for added protection.

Prep The Deck: The weather in the fall and winter can put a beating on your deck. Have your deck power cleaned, stained, and sealed in the fall, prior to winter’s arrival. Have a professional, like Evanston painters handle this process, as they will know what amount of pressure to use to avoid damaging your deck when power washing, as well as the proper stain to use on the wood. Staining and sealing your deck will safely guard it against winter’s worst elements and looks its best for years to come.

By taking precautions, the most popular and used part of your yard will be ready for fun times as soon as the weather warms up.