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Pest Invasion And The Need For Pest Control

Rosie checks out the Alpha SayFrog.com Pest Control trucklet, Broadview, Seattle, Washington, USAThe time and effort one puts into their home shows a dedication to making the home environment comfortable and inviting to those who reside and visit. An individual’s surroundings say a lot about their habits, personalities, and lifestyle. As such, taking care to preserve ones home and protecting it from unwanted guests is an important part to ensuring the long life of ones home and their inhabitants. Household pests can wreak havoc on a home, resulting in costly damage and possible health consequences. This is why many individuals and families opt for effective pest control for the protection of their home and its residents.

Those Invaders Called ‘Pests’

Humans have long inhabited the same space as other species, and as society has evolved, it has increasingly distanced itself from dependency on direct interaction with other species for survival. However, creatures inhabiting common spaces, like houses and other buildings, are labeled as ‘pests’, due to their disruptive behavior. Pests, including various rodents and insects, engaging in their natural behaviors and inclination to seek food, water, and shelter, come into direct competition with human need for comfort and sanitation. As the number of indoor spaces that humans inhabit increase, so do the pest control services that stem the tide of pest invasion.

The reproductive cycle of rodents and insects differs greatly from that of other species; the implication is that their numbers multiply rapidly, and become overwhelming very quickly. Seeking pest control services as soon as the presence of unwanted critters is noted is the best pathway to preventing the culmination of a seemingly uncontrollable population of pests. There are a few notable pests that are shown to wreak the most havoc on ones home and its inhabitants, these are discussed below.

A Terrifying Menace: Bed Bugs

One of the most notorious and feared pest invasions has to be that of the bed bug; bed bugs are insects that accumulate in dark spaces and bite household inhabitants during the night. Often individuals will wake up with bites in a straight line, usually in groups of three, although further symptoms vary between individuals. Bed bugs are quite difficult to get rid of by oneself; they are experts at remaining hidden on various surfaces and fabrics and are not easily killed; this is when pest control services should be called, as bed bugs are also very easily transferred to others.

The Ever-Present Cockroaches

Cockroaches, on their search for nourishment, are drawn to households that offer a palpable cornucopia of food sources.

Cockroaches see many objects as a viable food source; paper, plants cloth etc., and as such can live in most environments. The danger inherent with the presence of cockroaches lies in their tendency to carry salmonella bacteria, which can be quite easily transferred to humans if ingested. Pest control services are generally required due to the cock roaches ability to hide in damp corners and in all other manner of environments (their numbers might be daunting for any homeowner).

The All-Eating Termites

When most people think of the most damaging pest to have in ones home, the most likely answer is termites; termites and their penchant for consuming wood are notorious for eroding the walls, support beams, and foundation of houses. Termites have become far more common in the past few decades, and can show up in ones home all year round (although more commonly in the springtime). Termites eat through wood, paper, books, insulation, and clothes; they can create tunnels in walls that are costly to repair. Termites are estimated to depreciate the value of a house by 10% in addition to the cost of eliminating termites through pest control. It is best to monitor the situation before any further damage is done; this will reduce control costs and repairs.

Creepy Rodents

Rodents are another category of critter that are known as ‘pests’ when they are present in ones home, as they are known to carry dangerous diseases that are transferrable to humans. Rodents generally live in the walls, making their home by damaging the walls and insulation and reproducing rapidly. They leave waste products and hair where they consume food products, which can easily contaminate food items in one’s home.

Whether ones home is shared with rodents or any number of insects, for most individual’s cohabitation is simply not an option. The amount of damage that pests cause to ones home and the potential threat to ones health is enough to call a pest control service. Taking a pest situation seriously is important, as the rapid reproduction cycle of most species that invade homes and buildings.

This guest post was written by Jimmy Peden, someone who did battle against pests- and won.