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Painting During Spring – Problems Pollen Poses

Macro Bee PollenExterior painting is typically limited to the spring months, as warm, sunny days are pertinent to these types of projects. However, painting during the spring is often a great concern to home owners due to the large amounts of pollen in the air. Read on to settle the rumors about pollen and discover the truth about its affect on exterior painting.

The rumor: Spring is the worst time to paint your home due to the high levels of pollen in the air.

In reality, spring is actually the best time to paint your home. Unlike the humid summer months that can cause exterior paint to become tacky and prolong drying time, the moderate temperatures during the spring allow for paint to be applied and dry in a timely fashion. Pollen is present during spring, summer, and fall months, unbeknownst to the human eye. Often, we cannot see the pollen in the air in summer and fall because the dust is so fine, and do not think twice about it. Pine pollen is what we see the most of in the spring, and what can cause issues with exterior painting projects if precautionary measures are not taken.

The rumor: Pollen will ruin the look of an exterior painting project.

In reality, if handled properly, pollen does not affect the finished color or durability of a paint job. As a precaution, your home should be pressure washed closer to the date of your project. This will remove excess dirt, grime, and pollen, leaving your home’s exterior with a smooth finish that will improve paint adhesion. If pollen levels are moderate, use a cloth or brush to wipe off any accumulated pollen prior to painting. Focus on areas around windows and doorways where pollen may gather and settle. Regardless of the pollen levels, these high traffic pollen areas should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down prior to a painting project. If cleaned properly, the paint used will have no problems adhering to the surface.

The rumor: Painting with brushes should be avoided during high pollen season.

In reality, brushes, rollers, or spraying mechanisms can be used to paint during seasons of high pollen. If using a brush, it is important to ensure the surface is clean prior to painting to help avoid pollen adhering to the brush and getting mixed in with the paint. The same can be said for rollers. Spraying the paint onto the surface after power washing is the best option, particularly if pollen is a concern. This prevents pollen from coming in contact with the supply of paint and contaminating it.

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