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Must-Have Shower Accessories For Families

Must-Have Shower Accessories For FamiliesYou may not consider your shower a place that requires a lot of accessories. Outside of the realm of personal care products like soap, shampoo, and conditioner, what else could you possibly need? Find out what accessories no shower should ever be without!

Shower Caddy – These are a necessary shower accessory because they help to make the most sense of a small space. Shower caddies provide a simple way to keep all of your shower accessories organized while conserving as much space in your shower as possible. They are offered in a number of styles, from caddies that are simply hung over your showerhead to caddies that are permanently installed to the shower wall. Keep your soaps and other personal hygiene products organized with a shower caddy!

Non-slip Mat – This shower accessory can save you a lot of pain! Many people think that non-slip shower mats are unsightly, but you will be surprised to find them offered in a variety of modern styles. Placing a shower mat in your tub will help prevent slip-and -fall injuries, and are perfect for children or elderly people who are using the shower.

Squeegee – If you have a glass shower door, it’s imperative to have a squeegee. It should be used after every shower to prevent water spots, which can stain your shower doors and collect soap scum. If you have a shower curtain instead of glass shower doors, it’s a good idea to keep a bottle of anti-mold spray in your bathroom and use it after every shower to prevent mold and mildew buildup. By doing small bits of cleaning after you’ve used your shower, your job will be easier when it comes time for a deep bathroom cleaning.

Toy-ganizer – If you have children, you know that storing tub toys can be a pain, making a “toyganizer” a necessary shower accessory! There are mesh toy caddies that come with suction cups that allow them to stick to your tub. When bath time is over, these caddies can be left to dry and then removed for your own personal showering convenience.

Footstool or Bench Seat – Make personal hygiene an easier task with a shower stool or bench seat. Having a place to rest your foot makes shaving a simpler task. A bench seat can provide a place for the elderly to rest and make showering easier. As children transition from taking baths to showers, a bench seat or footstool can act as a support post for them to hang on to in order to prevent falling.

Make your showering experience the most efficient with these shower accessories!