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Maintaining the Appearance of Your Walls

file0001184020076Decorating the interior of your home takes a lot of time, consideration, and preparation. Settling on a paint color for your walls can be the most challenging task, but it is something that can really tie the look of a room together. Over time, painted walls can dull or become dirty if not taken care of properly. Maintain the original look and feel you have chosen for your home with these tips on maintaining painted surfaces.

Problem: Mold and mildew build-up. Flat or oil-based paints are a perfect surface for mold and mildew to grow. Walls in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements can quickly become wet with moisture and grow unwanted mold.

Solution: Keep these surfaces clean by wiping them down with a mild cleanser and damp cloth. To prevent the growth of mold, keep bathroom doors open after taking showers to air the area out.

Problem: Mystery stains and other markings. If you have little ones running about, walls can quickly become dirty with fingerprints, art supplies, and other mystery marks.

Solution: In order to keep your walls looking their best, it is important to remove these marks when they are spotted to prevent them from becoming imbedded in the paint. Again, use a mild cleanser to remove these dirt marks, as cleansers that contain harsh chemicals can dull the appearance of paint.

Problem: You need to do touch-ups, but forget the paint color that was used.

Solution: When you decide it’s time for a new color in a room, prep the walls by rinsing them to remove dirt and dust. Prime them, then add the color of your choice. Add a swatch of the color as well as the name and brand to the back of a switch plate. Should any touch-ups need to be made in the future to maintain the color of the walls, you’ll have all of the necessary information to get a perfect match.

Paint has a number of enemies that can spoil its longevity. Protect your painted walls with these expert tips from CertaPro Painters of Midland.