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Kitchen Storage Clues For Tiny Kitchen Blues- 5 Ways To Utilize Your Kitchen Space.

ScreenShot002Small Kitchen spaces can create overwhelming mess and clutter with its limited resources for valuable work space. Who wants to prepare a home cooked meal in a cube of disorder; let alone clean a monstrous mess amongst disorganized counter tops and cupboards filled with chaos? Whether you live in a tiny studio or a large house, using your space efficiently in your kitchen can make cooking an efficient and enjoyable experience. Here are five ways you can use your kitchen space more effectively.

1. Clip Organizational Shelves on Cupboards

Many of the most frequently used items in the kitchen are rather small, rather than putting them all in one drawer and having them get all mixed about with no rhyme or reason use clip on organizational shelving to arrange them across the kitchen, putting them in easy reach whenever you open your cupboards.

2. Use a Movable Cart in Smaller Apartments

A movable cart can work like a mobile island for those smaller kitchens. Use it to keep your chopped veggies near you when you’re cooking on the stove or to finish the final prep before you wheel it over to the kitchen table. The great thing about a cart is you can always tuck it away when you don’t need it anymore. If you can, try to find one that can fit under a table when not in use to maximize your available space.

3. Pot Racks Can Free Up Several Cupboards

Nearly all pots have holes in them to let you hang them up. Racks work for the wall and over islands, so don’t fret if you don’t have a large enough kitchen to have a central area over which to hang them. You can easily free up one or two cupboards with this.

4. Use a Lazy Susan for Corner Cupboards

Corners rarely use all the available space and getting down in there might require going waist deep under the countertop. Storage shelving on top of a lazy Susan in the corner can give you easy access to everything in that space, whether it’s in the front or the back. If you own the place and can make modifications to the cupboards themselves. There are even integrated lazy Susan options for your corner cupboards which will use up every last inch of available storage space even more efficiently.

5. Use Stools for Your Seating

Stools can be tucked away much easier than full fledge chairs can. When not in use you can even put a stool underneath the table entirely, maximizing the space you have to work with. If you really need chairs with backs, make sure the arm rests, if they have any, will fit underneath the table so they push them under the table as much as possible.

There is no need to have to shuffle through tons of pots and pans or mounds of mismatched Tupperware; a little bit of thought and effort can expand the amount of space you have in the kitchen many times.

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