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How To Decorate Your Home With Comfort In Mind

MP900401422-255x255An ideal home is a haven where you can take a break from all the worries of the world and relax with friends and family. Every area in your house must stimulate a sense of comfort and calm. From the kitchen to the bedroom, each space should not only be tastefully decorated, but it should also radiate coziness and warmth. There are a number of ways to achieve this mood and make your home a place to look forward to at the end of the day.

Warm Color Scheme

Warm colors make homes look cozier. Painting rooms with warm dark colors make them appear smaller and more intimate. It also adds vibrancy especially in softly lit rooms. Try warm shades of brown to present versatile neutrals and explore warm reds that are fast gaining popularity. Orange is a very intense color, but it’s effective when used as accents. Pale yellows and yellowish greens are also pleasant to the eyes. If repainting is not an option add warm colored accessories instead such as pillows, frames, area rugs, throws, and other accessories.


Soft light is another secret factor for cozy homes. To achieve soft lighting, stay away from high watt bulbs or glaring overhead lights. Choose various sizes of table top lamps and floor lamps with low watt bulbs. Allowing natural sunlight into rooms and placing mirrors in strategic locations can also help a lot. Soft lights effectively set off warm colors and create a cozy ambiance.




Clever accents make rooms comfy and stylish. Use a lot of pillows, an inviting decorative chaise, cozy accent chairs and an interesting area rug to boost your decorative style and add softness against harsh looking concretes. Draperies are also elegant additions to plain looking windows. The Highland Timber Collection from Vesta Drapery Hardware offers premium wooden curtain rods and finials in modern designs that add character to your draperies.

Vesta Drapery Hardware

Plants and flowers

Plants lend a serene feeling to any room. May it be flowers or succulents, plants bring instant life and freshness into homes. They also make spaces more personalized. Place some vases of flowers or pots of plants anywhere in your home and they are guaranteed to bring about instant feelings of warmth and tranquility.


Photos tell stories and stir warm emotions. Having around photos of people you love as well as happy and memorable moments in your life makes you feel more at home. Your photos don’t always have to show your image or your loved ones faces. They can be of places that you love and things that hold significance in your life. The warmth emanated from these photos also radiates to your guests


Signature Scent

Just like pictures, scents also rouse memories and feelings. A pleasing scent that is unique to your home will bring you comfort and it leaves lasting impression on your guests as well. The scent of your home can be anything from your personal choice of air fresheners to the aroma of freshly baked goodies in the oven.

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