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Handyman Services: Why Not Do It Yourself?

Handy ManIs there an old ceiling fan that needs to be replaced, a house that needs to be cleaned out, a deck that needs to be pressure washed, or a dog door that needs installation? There are many different agencies that offer handyman services such as the ones listed above. However, if you are a hands on type of person you may be able to complete many of the tasks yourself. There are easy solutions to each of these scenarios. If you are completely inexperienced with home improvement, one the of the quickest ways to learn how to fix things up and complete DIY projects is by watching tutorials. Luckily, there are a number of great tutorials available online to help you learn how to complete each of these projects on your own.

Replacing An Existing Ceiling Fan

Replacing a ceiling fan is considered to be one of the more complex DIY projects because it requires a bit of electrical work. It is worth noting that the electrical part needed to change or replace a fan is minor, if careful enough you will be able to install a new ceiling fan easily and successfully reconnect the wires.

Things to look out for:

  • Make sure power if off before starting
  • Remove fan blades before actually removing the old fan
  • Consider the possibilities of having a three way switch
  • Remove wire nuts before disconnecting the wires and removing the fan
  • Make sure there is a secure foundation installed
  • Consider using a brace box if the foundation is questionable
  • Fan blades should be at least ten inches from the ceiling, as long as the ceiling height is 8 feet or higher
  • If the new fan has a lighting system wires will have to be applied to both the fan modem and the light

Follow the video below to get started on your project!


Using Portable Storage Containers

The next project is considered to be more of a service, but many people still think that it is more complicated than it actually is. Debris containers that are often used for house remodeling and cleaning out are available to all consumers. Think of these containers as your own personal dumpster that comes and goes whenever you need and requires no maintenance. Most people worry about the installation process. A common assumption is that it is impossible to get this structure in and out of driveways without using heavy machinery. Luckily, technology has made this process rather simple. Nowadays the only machinery used to deliver and pick up these portable containers is the vehicle which they are transported on. Delivery trucks transport the large metal containers and unload and load them effortlessly using a hydraulic lift system. This system eliminates the need for any physical labor and ensures precision through the use of manually dictated hand controls.


Pressure Washing

Pressure washing machines are sold nationwide at most home goods and garden stores. These machines are great because they can save money by not having to replace things and knock hours off of the time it takes to clean exterior surfaces. Although these machines are consumer friendly and do not require extensive training, they are much more powerful than normal hoses. Consumers must be aware of the damage a pressure washer can do if not used appropriately. Pressure washers can clean mold, algae, mildew, and years of dirt off of almost any service. Please note that some surfaces are safer to use pressure washers with than others.

Surfaces That Are Safe to Pressure Wash

Surfaces That Are NOT Safe to Pressure Wash

Vinyl siding



Wood Decks


Tile Shingles


Roof Shingles

The list above is merely a suggestion. Each pressure washer and surface is different, therefore the results can easily vary. While vinyl siding, brick, stucco, and concrete, are nearly indestructible when being cleaned with a pressure washer, this cannot be said for all surfaces. Some of them more delicate surfaces include: vehicles, wood, tile, traditional shingles. These surfaces will be ruined if the wrong nozzle is used to clean them. The strongest pressure washer nozzle is a zero-degree “blasting” nozzle. The zero-degree nozzle should not be used on these surfaces because it will remove the finishes and ultimately ruin the surface by shortening the product life span.

The video below demonstrates how to power wash a wooden deck. Although this is not technically an approved surface, there is a special wash being applied throughout the entire process which acts as a barrier against the harsh pressure being applied.


Installing A Dog Door

Whether you just got a new puppy or have had the same dog for the last ten years, a doggy door is something most dog owners can benefit from. If you have put off installing a dog door because of the cost, theres good news. The video below provides a step by step tutorial for installing a dog door on your own, no experience needed, but patience helps.

Things to Consider:

  • Choose a safe location
  • Measure your animal before purchasing the door, this will determine the size of the door
  • Mark the bottom of the door before removal
  • Align the edges of the door template with the edges of the door
  • Door should be three inches away from edges
  • Jigsaw is needed
  • Door flap can be closed with an insertion panel


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