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Getting the Most Out of Your Self Storage Unit

DCF 1.0Whether you’re planning to have your first baby or there’s a new addition to your family of four on the way, you’re home can quickly become overrun with “stuff.” Storage units can free up more room in your home for your kids to play in and for your sanity to run free. With proper planning and organization, storing items in self storage units will allow you to access your items any time while making the most of the existing space in your home. Here are some tips on how to maximize the space available in your storage unit so that you have more space in your home.

Prioritize Items – Start by making a list of the items you want to put in storage. Then, draw a small map of the space and fill in where items will fit best according to size. Items you may need to access more often should be stored close to the door of the storage unit. Awkward and large items should be put along the sides and back of the storage unit. Have all items in the storage unit labeled and make a checklist of the items so you know at all times what is in the unit for your personal reference and insurance purposes.

Utilize Vertical Storage – Store items vertically as much as possible. Vertical storage will make it easier to maneuver around items in the storage unit and ultimately allow you to easily view all of the items you have in storage. Mattresses should be wrapped and stored vertically and bed frames should be disassembled and stored vertically as well. Use wardrobe boxes to hang clothing and put pillows or shoes at the bottom of the box to help conserve space.

Fully Pack Boxes – Boxes half full may tip and what’s worse, they can easily be crushed by other boxes.  Always fill boxes as much as possible. If necessary, use packing popcorn or other filler to completely pack a box. Store fragile items such as china and delicate home décor on upper shelves, but never put the boxes completely out of reach. If you have to stretch out of your comfort zone to reach a box of delicate items, you risk toppling the box over and damaging the goods inside. Always pack boxes to a weight you are comfortable with lifting without too much strain.

Consider Shelving Units – If you have several boxes you know you will need to access frequently, the professionals at American Self Storage of Ocala recommend using a shelving unit. By putting the boxes on shelves you won’t have to take one off of another to access the ones below. Fragile items can also be stored on shelving units to prevent them from falling off boxes and make them easier to reach.

Use Nest Packing – Nest items inside of other storage items to maximize space. Store small fragile items inside of drawers of dressers, but use some sort of label system to know what is inside the drawers. Also, refrigerators can be used to store items inside and leave the door slightly ajar to allow air flow. Lamp shades of similar sizes can be stacked on each other and chairs and sofas should be stacked seat to seat.

Make the most of your self storage unit with these space-maximizing tips!