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Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMake 2015 the year you make your home eco friendly and energy efficient! Many people are afraid of eco-friendly upgrades because of the high cost associated with them. Fear not, because there are ways of updating in an environmentally friendly manner that will fit every budget. Find out how you can update the look of your home in healthy, eco-friendly ways!

Tank-less Water Heater:  Who likes waiting for hot water to come through the faucet? No one does, especially in winter, which is why upgrading to a tank-less water heater is a good solution. Not only do you receive the benefit of immediate hot water, but you also save money on bills and use less water overall. Tank-less water heaters are more expensive than regular water heaters, but they last longer and conserve much more water due to less lag time (the time you wait for hot water). If a full house system is too expensive, then consider localized systems you can mount underneath your kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Low-VOC Paint: If a painting project is in your future, then CertaPro Painters of Concord/Manchester NH recommend using Low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints.  Paints containing high levels of VOCs release solvents in the air that can irritate people, causing headaches, dizziness and nausea. These paints are also known to contain some levels of carcinogens. Low-VOC paints are safer to use when painting in your home, and you can even find some brands who carry no-VOC paints. Protect yourself and your family from the dangers associated with High-VOC paints by opting for the eco-friendly, Low-VOC choice.

Re-purposed Wood: Considering a kitchen remodel or new wood flooring? Then consider using recycled or sustainable wood, like bamboo. Because bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly, it is a perfect candidate to update your flooring. It’s highly durable, has a visually pleasing grain pattern and comes in a variety of finishes and colors. If you’re looking to use wood in other spaces of your home that don’t receive as much wear, consider companies that sell reclaimed or recycled wood.  You’ll not only have unique and one of a kind wood for your project, but save several trees in the process.

With so many options to reduce energy costs and help the Earth around you, it’s easy to keep your home beautiful and eco-friendly no matter what kind of budget you are on.