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Durable And Beautiful Granite Countertops

Stainless Steel Undermount Sink and Uba Tuba Granite CountersNo one wants to spend all day cleaning and polishing a surface that will be used several times throughout the day every day nor do they want a surface that will wear away easily; low maintenance and durability are key factors when choosing granite for countertops. Granite countertops incorporate features such as high heat resistance, scratch resistance, high bacteria resistance, and a durability to outlast many other materials used for countertops. When those features are combined with a beautiful look that matches any interior design and décor, granite is the material to choose when shopping for new countertops as it is abundant and easy to access and purchase.

Granite: Tough but Pretty

Being an incredibly tough and durable surface, granite countertops last a long time. Granite is one of the hardest naturally occurring stones with only diamonds, rubies, and sapphires being harder. As such, granite is the hardest available surface for countertops; this means that a granite countertop is less likely to chip when compared to a marble countertop or a wood countertop. Having a high scratch resistance is another feature of granite making it desirable as this means it is less likely to scratch from coming into contact with items such as eating utensils and knives. Granite, due to this durability, also has a longer lifespan than other traditional countertops made of a different material and require a substantially less amount of care and maintenance. If that is not enough reason for an individual to choose granite, high heat resistance also makes granite countertops a prime choice.

Granite has a high melting point making it heat resistant to ordinary cooking temperatures and baking temperatures. Setting a hot pot, pan, or baking dish on a granite surface will not cause it to burn as other surfaces, such as wood, have the capability of doing so. Also, since granite does have a high heat resistance, there is no possibility of it catching fire as wood might; this makes granite countertops a safer alternative to some other materials used for countertops. Another feature of granite that provides appeal to many individuals is its bacteria resistant nature.

Heat and Bacteria Resistance

As granite countertops will come into contact with a variety of substances, food and cleaner being the main, having a high bacteria resistance is a must. Being bacteria free or nearly bacteria free reduces the likelihood of becoming ill from cross contamination or from contact with other sick individuals; this makes granite a very hygienic choice for the conscious individual. The only material more bacteria resistant than granite is stainless steel that is used in many commercial kitchens as a standard. Unfortunately, stainless steel does not appeal to every individual’s tastes as it is not aesthetically pleasing to many. Granite, on the other hand, comes in a variety of colors and styles to match any décor and personal preferences.

As well as being durable, having high heat resistance, and having high bacteria resistance, granite countertops also come in many different colors.  Whether the individual needs black, gray, brown, or cream, there is a color and style to match every preference and décor. This makes granite a versatile material to be used in kitchens and a preferable one due to its high aesthetic appeal. Newly polished granite has a beautiful shine to it that makes it nearly incomparable to other materials used for countertops; since the granite is also resistant to scratches, the look lasts much longer than any other countertops made of a different material. Thankfully, granite countertops are very popular thus making it easy to find pretty well anywhere.

Granite occurs naturally and has formed from magma after a slow cooling process that produces large crystals visible in the rock. Granite is one of the most abundant rocks with granite quarries being situated worldwide making granite an easily accessible building material. Thanks to this, granite countertops are easy for individuals to find pretty well everywhere. Although granite occurs in different colors and designs dependent on where it formed, many exotic types of granite have been imported and are readily available to individuals wishing to purchase one of the more exotic types of the stone. Granite is therefore one of the most durable, aesthetically pleasing, and sought after materials wanted for countertops that can be easily accessed and purchased.

This article was written by Charlie Appell, who after much debate and research, decided to buy Granite countertops for her kitchen.