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Different Types Of Shutters

Master VanityShutters are a type of window covering which can both improve the look of your home, while also helping to make it more secure and private. Although shutters can be a costly improvement to your home, if looked after and maintained, they will last for many years to come. There are a huge range of styles and types of window shutters available to purchase that it can often be hard to know what’s what. Window shutter can be an expensive improvement to your home of work place so making the right decision when it comes to these window dressing is essential. There are many styles of plantation shutters so I’ve written this article to explain some of the most common type of shutters that are available.


Shutters are often factory made in a range of standard sizes to fit the most common sizes of windows. If you have an unusual shaped window then you can choose to have shutters custom made to your requirements. Thee are many companies out there that offer made-to-measure plantation shutters, and as windows do not always come in a standard size, this could be a great option for many.

Shutters can be positioned both on the inside of the window, so that you can adjust the slats easily, or on the outside of the window for a more ornamental look.

Shutters are typically designed to cover just the main part of the window, however full height shutters are available, and they can work well on french doors too. They can also be placed on any size window, no matter how big or small with no window being too awkward in shape or size. There is a shutter available for most windows out there!


Shutters come in a range of colours. It is a good idea to pick a colour that complements the decor in your home, or the exterior of your property depending on where you are positioning them. You can have your shutters painted to any colour that you like and colour match your interior room with your wooden shutters! Paint effects can be used on the shutters, such as sanding and distressing for a shabby chic look that works well on cottages. There are many shades available for your shutters and picking the right shade is an essential decision that could change the whole look of your interior room and the view from the outside. The wrong colour choice could be a costly mistake so get help from experts before placing your order!


Shutters  range in style from simple and classic to decorative and ornamental. The size of the slats can also differ in size so depending on what type of window you are dressing, you can choose to have either small, medium or large slats. The type that you choose should depend on your personal tastes, budget and how much light you would like to enter the house. The styles range from cafe style, full height or tier-on-tier, and completely depends on what kind of look you are after, privacy requirements and the size of your windows and doors.

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