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Custom Homes Make A Difference

Building a custom home is the surest way to find what you are looking for in a home. It is also the most definite way to ensure the best possible engineering, the best materials and the best workmanship. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind home then you may be interested in contacting a custom home builder. Custom homes have more appeal than production houses in that they offer a greater selection of styles and designs from siding to cabinetry to stair railing than do production houses.

Custom houses may be designed by an architect or selected from a range of house packages meant to be customized to the owner’s specific tastes. Though they are most often built on land that is already owned, custom homes may also be the right choice on new property as well. As opposed to production built homes, custom houses are built in place and may even designed for the specific environment they are to be situated within. The customer will be the one to decide on the final details but has an architect or a custom designer with a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw upon. Production homes are built around profit as the bottom line and not ultimately the people who will inhabit the home for years. Custom homes offer a solution to this problem.

Everything Counts

Every nail in custom homes counts. Unlike the case with production houses, there can be a strong relationship between the builder and the customer. Custom builders are often community members themselves and have a passion for what they do. These builders can afford the time it takes to make sure the customer is fully satisfied.

Although custom houses may have a higher sticker price than production houses, with the offer of extended warranties and the builder’s reputation at stake the extra cost is well justified. In fact, custom homes may actually cost the buyer less in the long run as the buyer will not be inclined to spend extra money on customizing the house to his or her tastes. In the long term, a family will be happier with a custom built home than a production house.

More of the expense of custom homes goes into the home instead of being more thinly spread as is the case with production houses. The purchase of a new home will involve taxes as well as the cost of all the peripherals surrounding the home such as the services to the lot, the landscaping, the surveying; even the front sidewalk in some cases. When custom homes are built all of the money spent goes into the cost of building because services and landscaping are more often than not already done. This way the builder does not have to spend as much time worrying about sub-contracting services.

Great Builders

The builder of custom homes is also more likely to have developed strong relationships with the tradesmen employed. A custom builder will only have a limited number of tradesmen who are directly employed. This means that while the builder may employ his or her own carpenters all the electrical work, plumbing, heating, air conditioning and even roofing and siding may be subcontracted to a third party. Custom home builders will rely upon those subcontractors they have worked with and been happy with in the past. Often subcontractors themselves will be smaller scale businesses offering custom services. There will be a solid foundation of trust already established so that the customer can rest assured more easily that there will be fewer problems and better quality with a custom home than a production house.

There is a difference between a house and a home. Custom homes are just that, homes. Custom houses are built with the understanding that it will be a home, and probably for generations to come. A house is just a structure among others. Built for profit which means the most thinly spread use of materials and a less craftsmanship. Workers may be interested in a pay cheque than taking pride in their work. But when reputations are at stake there will be a careful attention to detail. The builder takes pride. Care goes into the construction of a home, the same care the owners will put into it. Custom homes are built to last and based on lasting relationships.

This article was written by Rickey Avril, who has a custom home and is very happy with it.Atlanta-Landscape-Patios