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Creating A Modern Look In Your Living Room

LIving RoomCreating a modern look in your living room can be done in many ways, but one of the best places to begin is to focus on improvements to your living room floor space. Obviously, the largest area for decorative purposes in your room will be the floor. There are four design options to consider: carpeting, tile, vinyl or hardwood flooring. There are many benefits to each of these, and the best choice for you depends on a range of items including your use, if you have kids or animals, or on what furniture or surroundings you already have. Design experts have a knack for bringing out the best in your space by selecting the right materials and designs, but here are some basic ideas.
Wood Floor Advantage
One advantage you have with wood floors is that you can always add area rugs to it if you wish to create additional visual accent spaces within a large room. When people remodel older homes, they often are pleased to discover that there are solid hardwood floors underneath vinyl or carpets that are removed due to age and disrepair. Old wooden floors can be sanded down and refinished, or if they are terribly deteriorated, the modern choice is to replace or recover that old flooring with something more trendy.

Modern Choices
Creating a more modern, trendy look to any room can be done in many ways, including making upgrades to floor, wall and ceiling spaces. People love the design choices available in custom designs that features extravagant patterns. Designs are available that will fit perfectly in your home, and you can choose from patterns like squares, diagonals, herringbone and borders, not to mention many beautiful choices of materials and color.
Advantages to Wood Flooring
In addition to being smooth and comfortable, hardwood floors are easy to keep clean with regular sweeping. This type of flooring does not retain dust or pollen, so it is advantageous especially for people who suffer from allergies. Since the flooring is made from a thin layer of actual wood, it is very durable and will last a long time, making it very cost-effective. Scratches or scuffs can be easily repaired, and if echoing is any problem, simply add a few area rugs to eliminate that problem while still retaining the beauty of wood in your room.
Color and Patterns
Choosing the right color can make your room feel more open or cozy, depending on which look you are going for. Choose light or dark colors or pick finishes in attractive woods like maple, oak, cherry and mahogany. Patterns can make a room look very stylish and modern. It is surprising how a pattern on the floor, wall or even ceiling can make a room feel more modern and alive.
Design Consultation
Large design and flooring providers like Floor Coverings International can offer you design associates to help with design selections and to provide interior design advice. This is an excellent way to get the ultimate high quality room design you dream of, along with assistance in selecting hardwood flooring. Wood products are an essential part of many design themes as pictured in reputable industry publications like Architectural Digest.
Making this change to your living room can give you a dramatic and high quality improvement as well as modernizing and upgrading the design theme of that room. Many of these design ideas are long-lasting, durable and trendy. They are easy to care for and you have many options for decorating around the colors and patterns you choose. Create a modern look in your living room and enjoy knowing your room will always be in style.

Paula Ward is an interior design expert who enjoys designing quality and cost-friendly home solutions.