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Concrete Garages Finishes And Choices

There are many concrete garage exterior finishes to choose from these days

When thinking about your concrete sectional garage, there are a number of options that can fit your requirements. Depending on your type of garage and what kind of look you are hoping to achieve the different customisable options such as wall exteriors, roof styles and doors can ensure you get just what you are looking for. Some people want a garage to blend in well with the current environment, others want a garage that is easy to look after and others still want a garage that will add value to their property.

When thinking about wall options for different garage types, it is important as they have to be secure and sturdy whilst easy to maintain. A garage exterior that keeps looking good for a long time is important as cracks and damage will not look good or help your garage stand the test of time. Some of the more popular wall choices are the Spar, Garaclad PVCU cladding, smooth textured finish, stone wall and brick wall effects.

A few exterior finishes and what they are good for

• The spar finish is made from large spar chippings giving a rugged look and will blend in with the look of most homes. It is very cost effective and a popular choice.

• The Garaclad PVCU cladding finish is quite new to the market. It offers a beautiful timber style look which doesn’t rot warp or crack. There are a variety of colour options including Enviro Green, White and light blue. It is easy to clean and maintain making it a good choice for those who want a stylish garage that is relatively maintenance free.

• A smooth textured garage wall finish in white, French stone, palace grey or magnolia will give you a garage that is extremely durable and a perfect choice fr those who prefer their garage walls to be free of joins.

• A stone wall effect will give your garage a more traditional and rustic look. The Cotswold and Pennine finish looks perfect if your house has a stone wall exterior and so will add value to your property.

• The brick wall effect comes in a range of colours including brown and the classic deep red. This effect will look great and ensure your garage has kerb appeal. It is easy to maintain and ideal for lean to designs.img_0584

In addition, if you would like to enhance the appearance of your home you could use brick wall front posts. These are available in exactly the same styles as the wall finishes of your particular type of garage.

There are also a range of door options to further customise your preferred type of garage. A strong, reliable secure door is essential and should also be easy to maintain. Your garage supplier will be able to recommend the best type of door for your particular garage including roller shutters or side hung timber doors. For personnel doors there are the options of PVCU, timber and steel.

The Apex series is a popular choice with a brick finish

When thinking of roof styles and colours you need one that will look good and keep your garage’s interior safe and dry. The roof should be made of strong, thick steel and the anti-condensation treatment will help tackle any rust. Metrolife galvanised sheets will make sure your roof is extremely enduring and can add a certain uniqueness to your roof thanks the texture as well as the colours which include charcoal, bronze and terracotta. Cement roof sheets are another popular option with the Apex series, available in a range of colours including terracotta, blue and olive green.

As you can see there is a lot to consider when you are thinking about the exterior finish for different garage types. Contact a reputable garage supplier for advice on your options.

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