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Cleaning Supplies For Self Storage

file3291241976208Many homeowners do not have enough storage space in their home for all of their belongings. Often, people utilize self storage spaces to store bulky extra furniture, seasonal clothing and jackets, and even collectible items. Homeowners who want to utilize self storage look for a clean, safe, secure unit. The folks at Manayunk Self Storage understand the importance of a clean self storage unit and the maintenance that is required to keep your unit clean. Discover how you can clean up your self storage unit and keep it clean!

Start an organized list of storage records. Whether you’re organizing an existing unit or unloading into a new unit, be sure to keep track of what’s going in storage. It helps to categorize items and then alphabetize what is included under each category to make finding items a breeze.

Give the floor a good cleaning. Most often you’ll find storage units with concrete flooring. If you’re just moving into a unit, start by sweeping out the unit of any left behind dust or debris. If you have an existing unit, remove all of your items, then give the floor a good sweep. Then, using a cleaning solution specifically for concrete, like the ones offered at Source Supply, use a scrub brush to cleanse the floor of dirt and grime. Cleaning the floors of your storage unit will help keep your belongings clean when you move then in (or back in) to the unit.

Purchase and install shelving units. To get the most out of your self storage space, install shelving units to occupy the most space. Shelving units allow you to easily stack your belongings, and ultimately fit more into a small space. Label shelves to make finding your belongings simple.

Maintain your unit and belongings. Avoid packing messy items in a storage unit to ensure the rest of your belongings stay clean. Do not store food items in a unit, as this can attract bugs, mice, and other vermin. If you’re storing clothing or other types of delicate linens, pack them in specialty bagging to prevent moths and dust from getting to them. Furniture should be wrapped in plastic or covered with some type of fabric to prevent scratching and denting.

Visit your unit semi-regularly. Check on your belongings a few times a month to ensure they are still in good condition. Keep your eyes open for issues with your unit, such as flooding or cracks in the walls or flooring. Report them to maintenance immediately for assistance.

Better protect your belongings in self storage by maintaining a clean and orderly unit.