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Cleaning Hardwood Floors The Right Way

2147259426_57980a00cbYour hardwood flooring is finally installed. The house already feels like home. But what now? How do you maintain the floor, and protect the investment you have made for the floor? This article will help you how to maintain and care for your floor.

Floor mats are very useful things when it comes to maintaining hardwood floor. Dirt and dust act like sandpaper that can scratch and damage the floor. By putting floor mats on the entry doors and encouraging the family members to wipe off their feet before entering the house, most dirt will stay on the floor mat. In addition, place a floor mat or rug in a place where there is a high chance of water spills – an example would be near the kitchen sink. This will prevent damages on the floor caused by water or moisture.

Use floor mats that are specifically made for hardwood floors as there are mats that are non-ventilated and rubber-baked that can damage the floor. You should also shake the mats regularly.

You should take the full responsibility to keep the cleanliness and beauty of the floor. The more you take care of it, the longer the lifespan of the floor. To start maintaining the beauty of the floor, you should buy a high quality broom. Sweep the floor regularly to eliminate the dirt and dust, and other tiny particles. If you are lazy to do this, you can use vacuum cleaner, and just glide it across the floor. You should use a vacuum without beater bar to clean between boards and hard to get areas.

There are techniques that can do deep cleaning, and the technique will depend on the finish and installation of your floor. For the ‘finish in place’ wood floor, use an 8 by 14 inches terry mop with rotating head. This will make cleaning the corners, base boards, and under cabinets a piece of pie.

There are cleaning products that are being recommended by floor specialists which can be used to eliminate spills and stains without ruining the finish of the floor. The manufacturers of ‘pre-finished’ floors recommend their own products for regular maintenance. You should check with your manufacturer for the complete information about this.

When your floor starts to look like lifeless and dull, it is time to do screening and recoating. Screening is abrading or grinding down the polyurethane finish of the floor. Then fresh coats of urethane will be applied. The outcome is a revived floor that looks like the first time it was installed.

If the damage of the floor is very severe, then it is time to do the sanding and refinishing process. This is the process of sanding the floor to its bare wood, and then refinishing it. You should only do this process if screening and recoating did not help. There are replacement boards available on the market so there is no need to refinish the whole area.

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By Gene Gabe