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Cleaning The Bathroom Can Be Less Of A Chore

Master BathNobody likes to clean the bathroom, am I right? But at the same time, everybody would like their bathroom to be spotless. Cleaning is important in every room in the house, and every place accumulates dust, dirt, pet hair, etc. But the bathroom is extra special. If nothing else, the bathroom is damp compared to pretty much any other room in the house, and dampness means the possibility of mold, mildew, and worse things if the room isn’t properly cared for. Nor is that the only peril of bathroom cleaning. Hair gets in the drains. The mirrors get those little spots on them from getting splashed with water, and it seems like you can never get them totally clean without missing a spot, or without that one little streak.

Like anything else in the house, cleaning becomes much easier with the right tools.

Cleaning the bathroom can be a chore, no doubt about it, but I’ve learned over the years that, like most chores, it’s easier to do if you have the right tools. A few years ago, we did a major bathroom remodel. We put in a new shower, added tiles, and installed granite countertops on the vanity like I’d always wanted. It was pretty inconvenient to have the bathroom torn up for a few weeks, but the end result was worth it: A beautiful bathroom that was comfortable and easy to clean.

With new surfaces comes a need for new tools.

But just because it was easy to clean, didn’t mean that cleaning didn’t still have to happen, and with new surfaces to deal with, I needed new tools. Fortunately, I found them. I started with granite cleaner, sealer, and polish. The installer had told us that we’d have to keep our granite cleaned, polished, and sealed, and had suggested quality products to do it. From there, though, I was happy to find a tile and grout cleaner that I was able to use on the floors, the backsplashes, and the shower!

Grout cleaning between tiles is the worst!

As anybody who has ever had tile can tell you, it looks great as long as you can keep it clean, and the grout between tiles is one of the worst things to clean in the bathroom. Luckily, the tile and grout cleaner I found made cleaning grout and tile simple! It was safe for glazed and unglazed tile, and even safe on colored grout! (Which was lucky for me, because I was very concerned about accidentally bleaching our colored grout.) Like all of their cleaners, it’s safe and easy to use, and won’t damage the surface that I’m applying it to, like many household cleaners can.

Cleaning the bathroom still isn’t my favorite chore, but it’s one I’m willing to do in order to keep my bathroom attractive and inviting, and thanks to the quality cleaners I found, it’s a lot easier—and the results are a lot more beautiful—than ever before!

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