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Bathroom Safety For Families

Bathroom Safety For FamiliesYour home is your sanctuary – a place you relax and enjoy spending time with loved ones. You probably don’t often consider the dangers your home poses to you and yours, but consider this; the bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home, with its sleek, hard surfaces that can become slippery in an instant. Each year, thousands of people harm themselves in bathroom mishaps. Avoid becoming part of this statistic by utilizing these items in your bathroom.

Bath mats – Consider placing a slip-resistant mat on the floor of your shower to help prevent slips and falls. Mats should also be used on the outside of the shower to prevent slips when entering and exiting the tub or shower. If you are using throw rugs, be sure to attach them securely to the floor with tape or non-slip strips so they do not bunch up and create a tripping hazard.

Grab bars – Sturdy bars should be affixed to the inside of a shower to prevent slips. If a shower has glass doors, these bars typically come already installed. It is also a good idea to have a seat or bench installed in the shower to further prevent slip and fall injuries.

Shelving and cabinets – Use cabinets to keep items like bathroom cleaning products secure and stored safely away from children. Medicine cabinets are typically above the sink and work great for storing medication and beauty products like makeup out of reach of children. In the tub or shower, use shower baskets to keep soaps and shampoos organized to prevent falls from occurring.

Lighting – Light fixtures should provide enough lighting for the entire bathroom, including in showers and closets. If your bathroom has windows, ensure that enough light comes in during daytime hours. Plug in a small night light to make trips to the bathroom easier during darker hours.

Shower curtains – Use a weighted, plastic shower curtain on the interior of the shower to help prevent water from splashing out of the shower. This will help prevent water from pooling and creating a slippery surface on the bathroom floor.

Toilet – Make sure your toilet is comfortable to sit on, and high enough so that you can get on and off of it comfortably without having to reach for balance.

Wall accessories – Ensure wall accessories like towel racks and mirrors are securely installed so they do not fall and cause injury when used.

Toilet brush – Toilets can become breeding grounds for a variety of germs. Prevent the spread of illness by cleaning your toilet regularly with a germ-fighting cleanser and a toilet brush.

Shower heads – Adjustable shower head will allow you to clean and rinse more carefully in the shower or tub. You can find a wide variety of handheld showerheads, another option that allows for better control while in the shower online or at local big box stores.

These items may seem common, but they can make all the difference when it comes to making a bathroom safe. Protect yourself and others from bathroom injuries with these safety tips. Find these bathroom accessories and more at The Bath Outlet.