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Bathroom Furniture: A Renovation Doesn’t Stop At The Suite

The majority of stores that carry bathroom furniture limit their selections to cabinetry and basin support stands. However, there is more to it than just that. A bathroom doe

Chalon's Bathroom Range

s not have to be restricted to a utilitarian usage. When you think about the expense involved in creating a bathroom, just in the suite alone, it makes more sense to create a room that encourages you to make the most use of it – rather than hardly at all. Bathroom furniture can include everything from coatracks to chairs to dressers. Your imagination, and the practical needs of your lifestyle, is really the only thing that limits the possibilities.

The Towel Rail

Towel rails are the most common piece of bathroom furniture to be included beyond the basic suite. There are many different styles and varieties but most people prefer the heated kind. A warmed towel is not only gentler on the skin, but it can help make a cold morning unnoticeable. Heated rails can go one step further and provide an additional heat source to the room. These towel rail radiators can help to take the chill off throughout the day. Standing rail designs can also let you move the heat where it is most needed, such as near the bath in the morning and at the sink at night.

Revisiting Old Friends

An easy way to remodel a bathroom suite is to include some old styles of furniture that are only now beginning to reappear on the showroom floors. Armoires, butlers and low dressers can add a unique flair to the bathroom whilst providing needed storage and staging space. Be mindful not to just put in any old friend you find in an attic. The moisture level of a bathroom suite can cause serious damage to wood. Drawers that are swollen shut aren’t going to help you create a relaxing atmosphere – they’ll just become a source of unnecessary frustration. The o

ld chair butler can prove to be essential in keeping a busy life moving along. These chairs provide a place to lay out your clothes and to sit and dress after you have bathed. Missing from most modern bathroom suites is an understanding that most people prefer to sit to put their shoes on. By stepping just a little bit back in time, you can bring back essential elements of comfort and convenience to your bathroom.

The Art of Conversation

It passed from fashion to receive callers in the bathroom, but not too long ago it was a perfectly normal habit to share the suite with an intimate visitor whilst bathing. The idea of having company whilst bathing is slowly gaining in popularity again, especially amongst couples. Often, the bathroom is the only place where parents can get a moment of rest and privacy from their young children. Rather than focus on only one parent at a time relaxing, the addition of comfortable chairs and other types of bathroom furniture can encourage both to share space. This can help keep a relationship strong and as focussed on the adults as it is on the children.

Louisa Jenkins is a blogger based in Grimsby. She regularly writes about bathroom furniture, shower enclosures, as well as other essential bathroom fixtures and fittings.