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Basement Remodeling: Some Important Things To Keep In Mind

P1020139.JPGIf you have a growing family, chances are, you are beginning to feel that your home is becoming limited in terms of space. Things inside the house are accumulating and your teenage kid may be demanding to have his or Your basement takes up huge portion of your home’s space. And if you are like many homeowners, it is likely that you use this room as storage space for stuff you no longer use. But, why waste such a good space when you can actually turn it into a functional room?her own space. Whatever the reason is, the solution you need is just downstairs.

Remodeling your basement is an excellent means to have the additional space your growing family needs. Contrary to a room addition, remodeling a basement is easier since there will be no excavation involved and all the utilities you need are already at hand. However, as with any home improvement project, basement remodeling comes with its own set of challenges which if not properly addressed can lead to serious problems later on. So when planning for your underground remodeling project, here are some things worth keeping in mind.

Take waterproofing seriously


Since the basement is a below-grade space, it is susceptible to water and moisture; both of which can be especially damaging if left unaddressed. So before work gets underway, be serious about waterproofing your basement. If you have been dealing with water problems in your basement before, it is a good idea to get in touch with a waterproofing company to get all the help you need to keep your basement dry. They will be able to tell you about the source of the issue and they will provide you with the right solutions.

All too often, water problems in the basement are caused by dysfunctional gutters or downspouts, plumbing leaks or damaged foundation. Whatever the source is, be sure to address it beforehand so as to avoid water problems once your basement’s conversion is finished.

Check with your local building department


You can use your basement for a variety of purposes. It can be a laundry space or a home theatre. It can also be a bathroom or a spare bedroom. No matter what purpose you intend to assign to your basement, do not forget to check with your local building department to get a handle of the rules.

There are a number of building codes specific for basement remodeling that are focused in ensuring the safety of the occupants. These include the use of smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, fireproof materials, minimum room sizes, and the list goes on. Knowing all the rules will ensure your basement conversion will be safe for occupancy and conforms to building codes.

Make ducts and beams a part of your basement’s décor


Most of your home’s ductwork and beams are found in the basement and making them a part of the room’s décor can be a challenge. However, since transferring them is not an option, the best approach is to simply paint them up to complement the rest of the room’s décor. Or, you may choose to cover them up with soffits or wood-enclosures, though this will cost you additional expense. Also, covering basement ductwork and beams have certain requirements when it comes to the covering size. So before you go for this option, check with your local building department to avoid surprises down the road.

Choose a contractor who specializes in basement remodeling


Basement conversion is a complicated task. So it is particularly important to choose your contractor with great care. At the most, hire a contractor who have years of experience in basement remodeling. With most home improvement projects being regulated and code-specific, you want to hire someone who is knowledgeable about all the details of what is required.

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