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What Is the Job Description of a Real Estate Agent?

Real Estate Agent Job Description

The job description for a real estate agent will vary depending on what type of position one is applying for.

Typically, the job entails:

• Marketing properties on behalf of clients

• Locating properties in accordance with a buyer’s needs

• Assisting the buyer in making an offer for a property

• Coordinating activities of the property closing process

• Negotiating price and terms on behalf of the client

• Assisting sellers and buyers during a property transaction

Before you begin working on your license, it’s smart to first understand the job description, required tasks and skill requirements necessary to become a real estate professional.

The job description for an agent varies according to the type of real estate that you are involved with, but generally it lines up with the following:

Market, advertise or promote properties on behalf of clients whether buyers or sellers.

A real estate agent is a licensed professional who provides clients with valuable advice and guidance in the often complex process of purchasing or selling a property.

What You Must Know Before You Begin Real Estate Training

Marketing and Advertising Skills

An agent must know how to market and sell to prospective buyers in the marketplace. Agents are expected to prepare promotions describing the property for advertisements, pamphlets and online listings. In most cases your will be required to schedule appointments, hold open houses to show a property and become the contact person available to answer any questions.

Analytic and Research Skills

As a sales professional you must be able to research and analyze to locate properties in accordance with a buyer’s need, specifications and cost. A standard level of math also ensures you have confidence with calculations to estimate the value of a client’s home or pre-screen buyers to ensure they are financially qualified to buy the properties shown.

Negotiation Skills

Regardless of whether an agent assists sellers or buyers, you must know how to help clients come to a signed agreement. Negotiation skills are important, because agents are responsible for negotiating price and terms when making an offer for a property on behalf of a client.

Communication Skills

Agents require strong interpersonal and verbal skills to provide ongoing guidance and support to home owners. A typical day can include making calls and contacting customers, showcasing homes, gaining new customer relationships, offering expertise in home selection and local market knowledge and guidance in the closing transaction.

Computer Skills

In addition, many professionals are required to have computer skills beyond a general knowledge of word processing. Agents must be computer literate using spreadsheets, database systems, industry specific software and the internet to promote and research homes.

Writing Skills

Agents must be capable of preparing the necessary paperwork for property transactions. You will typically spend time each day reviewing agreements and leases, assisting clients to fill out forms and coordinating paperwork to the proper professionals. He or she must be well versed in the English language, able to read and write with proper grammar and spelling.

Industry Knowledge

An agent is also expected to have knowledge of relevant market conditions, mortgage financing, home inspections and state or national real estate law to effectively represent buyers and sellers in the market place.

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