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Welding Cable – 6 AWG Flexibility Characteristics

The flexibility of a 6 AWG welding cable is determined by the amount of copper strands and the type of insulation it has around the copper. Both pieces of the puzzle weigh heavily on the amount of flexibility an electrical cable has compared to another. The type of insulation also has a large impact on the amount of approvals it has to be used in different applications.

The first thing to understand is the size of the copper strands and why the cable becomes more flexible overall. THHN is a common type of electrical wire in a very stiff form because it needs to be snaked through conduit and ran through walls. The less flexible strands help that process and make it a quicker installation for the contractor.

On the other hand, welding cable is manufactured with much thinner copper strands to make it more flexible. The most common reasons to it are to hook up a welding machine or as a single conductor portable power cable. Both of those situations require the it to be coiled and uncoiled in order to use it and store it away. Having a stiff electrical wire would prove to be very unproductive each time the welder needs to be used.

The rubber insulation that is used to manufacture welding cable also comes in a more flexible style than THHN electrical wire. Once THHN is installed it’s never touched again so the flexibility doesn’t matter beyond that point. It also has a nylon coating that helps resist oils and gasses in conduit but it takes away from the flexibility as well. The rubber insulation of welding cable is much more flexible, rugged and durable. Unlike THHN wire, welding cable is constantly used throughout its existence. It will be dragged across the ground, walked on and possible driven over on a daily basis that it will need protection from. These things are all considered by the engineers before it is manufactured.

Speak to your electrician, contractor, installer or even your wire and cable supplier about the type of cable you need for your particular application. Anyone in those fields will be happy to find the right type of wire or cable you need that fits your budget. Welding cable, along with all copper electrical cables, are very expensive due to the cost of copper but money can still be saved on the type of insulation you choose. Take the time to make the right choice instead of just assuming that all copper wire is expensive.

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