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Tips For Real Estate Agents – Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

When you were first planning your real estate career, did you give any thought about what it takes to be an exceptionally good real estate agent? Success depends on many things including your knowledge of the industry and the local real estate market, good negotiation skills, and effective lead generation.

Maybe it’s time to take inventory of your personal skills – you may have additional attributes that will help you become an exceptionally good real estate agent. Let’s take inventory now.

Curiosity. This may not be the first characteristic that comes to mind, but being curious about everything related to your real estate market – the businesses, homes, unique points of interest, etc., help you build your knowledge base. Curiosity can also help you discover the additional little details of a client’s needs and interests. Genuine and respectful curiosity is flattering to clients; it can help you build greater rapport with them.

Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a natural partner to curiosity. Almost everyone seems to enjoy being around enthusiastic people. Clients appreciate the enthusiasm with which you help them find the home of their dreams or market their house to its greatest sale advantage. Enthusiasm helps clients see the hidden gem in a property – and helps you uncover a hidden property gem, too.

Collaboration. Few clients want to be told what they do (or don’t) want or like. As a collaborative agent, you partner with your clients to find the property or sale that best meets their needs. You collaborate with your clients and others to solve problems.

Communication. Communication is more than sharing your abundant knowledge with clients. It involves active listening and careful observation. Your clients want you to listen carefully to their concerns, interests, and needs.

Active listening gives you the best opportunity to “register” what people are saying. Preparing your responses while someone is speaking shuts down that message registration part of your brain and reduces the effectiveness and quality of communication because you are only partly listening.

Careful observation fills provides valuable non-verbal clues as to your clients’ feelings about a situation or property, and how well they are responding to you!

Organization. How organized are you? Organization skills seem to be inherent in some people while others need to acquire organizational skills. Are you organized in the materials you handle, the details you manage, and in your time management?

If you answer “no” to any of those points, become a student of organization. With a bit of trial and error, you will discover the system that works best for helping you to become – and to stay – organized. Your clients will appreciate you for being well-organized.

Genuine interest. Do you have genuine interest in your industry, the market you represent, and the clients you serve? Genuine interest shows – in your voice and manner, the way your eyes light up as you find the best solution to a client’s concern. Clients will long remember the agent who showed genuine interest in them and their needs.

Exceptional you

Most of these qualities are not the obvious ones that agents and clients think of when describing an exceptionally good real estate agent. They are less obvious than other very important qualities like deep knowledge of the market or top negotiation skills.

But don’t disregard or minimalize their value. They are important elements of a powerful skills package that can help you grow into an exceptionally good real estate agent.

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