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Tips For Real Estate Agents – How to Ensure Your Clients Choose You As Their Agent

Are you the kind of agent you would choose if you were the client?

You may work with the best real estate agency in town and have a really great track record as a successful real estate agent. But each meeting with a prospective client takes you back to square one: you have to show the prospect that you are an exceptional agent worthy of his, her, or their trust and business.

As an agent, you have considerable accomplishments, knowledge and skills. It is up to you to lay out those skills and accomplishments and your knowledge to help prospective clients understand why they should choose you as their agent.

Information about you

Your prospective clients will want to know about you. Be prepared to share essential information about your qualifications and accomplishments as a real estate agent, including:

  • Length of time as a licensed real estate agent
  • Full-time or part-time agent
  • Experience in and deep knowledge of the local real estate market
  • List-to-sales prices of your recent transactions
  • Number of listings and sales for the most recent 12-month period
  • Fees
  • References


Market knowledge: Know what’s available, what has recently sold (and sales price), and specific neighborhood information relative to client’s areas of interest. Knowledge should include information on the sale of homes in your client’s price range and preferred location.

Skillful negotiation: Use personal stories of how your negotiation skills influenced a sale or purchase in your clients’ best interests.

Communication skills: Respectful communication begins the moment you first speak with your clients. Take time to actively listen to your clients’ interests and concerns. Speak in terms that a non-agent can understand. Let your clients know that you are able to communicate with them on their time schedules, using the technologies they prefer.

Friendliness, genuine interest: Clients want to feel that whoever they choose as their real estate agent is genuinely interested in partnering with them to help them sell or buy a home. A friendly demeanor and genuine interest go a long way toward building a strong and successful agent-client relationship.

Unique marketing strategy: Before meeting with a prospective seller, try to learn as much as possible about the seller’s property, expectations, and needs; prepare a preliminary strategy for marketing that property. This doesn’t/shouldn’t be an entire campaign, but an outline of unique ideas to show the seller that you have more to offer than perfunctory, cookie-cutter marketing ideas.

Tech savviness: Let your clients know that you are up-to-date on technology for communication, research, and marketing.

Follow-through, details, organization: Even at a first meeting, make note of the details your client is providing you, any questions they ask you to research, and any follow-up contacts. Then – follow through.
Call when you say you will, even if you don’t have the information requested. Meet clients on time and have all notes and paperwork in good order. Disorganization is unnerving to clients and prospective clients. Get and stay organized. (Being well-organized also helps you keep track of important details.)

It is important to let clients know about the unique skills and knowledge that set you apart from other agents. But chances are it will be your ability to solve their real estate problems, combined with your skills and knowledge, that convince clients to choose you as their agent.

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