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Things to Remember When It Comes to Office Lighting

Whether you’re remodelling your office or you find that your staff is complaining about the lighting quality, there are some very important things to bear in mind. Office lighting plays a crucial role in the office environment, it can affect productivity and can ensure staff comfort, making it a pleasant and cost-effective working environment when the lights have been chosen carefully.

The first thing you want to ensure is any office lighting solutions you choose are flexible and also energy efficient. Energy efficient bulbs and lighting solutions can help reduce the monthly utility bills, leaving more money in the bank and helping you increase your profit margins each and every month.

The next very important consideration you need to ensure is that you create a good balance between natural and artificial light. This isn’t always easy to achieve, especially in offices where windows are limited or don’t exist. Natural light is important to the well-being of your teams, it can help improve productivity and make the working environment a pleasant place to work and spend the day.

Bear in mind the visual tasks your teams are doing throughout the day. Are they doing mostly computer work, sewing, maybe even cooking or cake decorating. When it comes to computer work you need to ensure the office lighting you choose doesn’t cause an unwelcome glare or flickering, which can cause eye strain and make working exceptionally unpleasant and difficult.

Also look at the intensity of the lights. If you have chosen high intensity office lights, ensure you get your electrician to include a dimmer switch, which enables you to lower the intensity on a nice day when you have an abundance of natural light flowing in through the window openings.

Remember that office lighting can have a significant impact on the productivity of your teams. This means that you need to go through a few stages, you may have to change the bulbs over time to identify the best solution that works in your office environment. This way staff is happy and comfortable and is able to complete their work to the highest standard without struggling with eye strain, which can cause headaches.

Don’t forget when you have an electrician coming in to manage your office lighting that you take a close look at your emergency lighting. Emergency lighting is imperative especially in high rise office blocks, it enables teams to follow the lighting to get out of the building safely in the event of a fire.

There are five steps you need to take when it comes to identifying the best office lighting solutions for your space, starting with planning. Sit down with your electrician and plan your lighting strategy. This can help you pinpoint potential problems and also identify the best lighting sources that will create a light and effective work space you can use on a daily basis.

Organize the lights with your electrician. Identify areas that will need more light than others, pinpoint the best places to put the lights to be effective and provide you with a light working environment.

The next step is to have the work completed. After this you will want to manage and control the lighting. Make use of dimmers, see what areas are benefiting from the lighting you have chosen and which are struggling. You may find that you will have to use different lighting solutions in different office areas, catering to all your staff’s needs and working requirements.

Monitor how effective and energy efficient the office lighting is that you have chosen to ensure that it is ticking all the boxes moving forward. Remember to identify areas where it may be flickering or causing a glare, enabling you to make changes in the future.

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