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Real Estate Listing Agents: Your Clients Deserve Your Best EFFORTS

You’ve spent considerable time, and resources, trying to obtain a listing, from a homeowner. You’ve probably researched the market, discovered what the homeowner wants and seeks, and developed a comprehensive plan, to get the house sold, for the best possible price, in the shortest period of time, with the least amount of hassle. Now, take a moment, to consider your personal responsibilities, and what you might provide for your clients. Begin by understanding, and taking – to – heart, some of the reasons, your clients deserve your best EFFORTS.

1. Experience; expertise; empathy: You’ve gained experience from your years as a real estate agent, but what have you learned, which might benefit your future clients. What expertise have you gained, and how does it distinguish you from the rest of the pack? Will you focus on their needs, and proceed with genuine, relevant empathy?

2. Financial advice/ options: While a real estate agent should not represent himself as a financial expert (unless he actually possesses the credentials), he must be familiar with the financial options, including downpayment, recurring expenses, mortgage choices, etc, and then be able to provide references to qualified, reliable professionals, in each appropriate area.

3. Face facts: You owe it to your clients, to help them face the facts, and realistically understand and knowing, a better picture of what their house’s true value, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations, might be! My personal, trademarked slogan, is, I’ll always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM).

4. Options: Know the local real estate market, so you can fully explain the options available to you! Discuss what options help selling one’s home, while others might either have little impact, or even, a negative one!

5. Reasoning; right buyer: Create a meeting of the minds, and explain your reasoning and rationale! There may be several buyers, but fewer ones, who might be the right buyer!

6. Trust: Are you able to deserve the trust of those you represent? How will you do so?

7. System: What parts of your system, enhance your client’s value, service and the marketability of their home?

Real estate agents must prove they are providing the best EFFORTS, their clients deserve! Will you be ready, able and willing, to do so?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades, and a RE Licensed Salesperson for a decade+. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: [http://PortWashingtonRealEstateOffice.com] and LIKE the Facebook page for real estate: http://facebook.com/PortWashRE

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