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Outdoor Electric Fireplace – Not Locked Up In The Winter!

Summer time is the best time to enjoy the landscape view outdoors. But this doesn’t mean that you lock yourself up in winter. It is not fair to restrict yourself from the winter scenery which is beautiful enough to necessitate the occasional trip into your backyard regardless of the cold weather.

The major electric fireplace manufactures have come up with some very innovative designs that can only be applied without the standard chimney. One of these innovative designs is the outdoor electric fireplace. This is a must have item to keep in the gardens and backyards in order to keep the environment warm even when it’s chilly.

An outdoor electric fireplace comes in many designs and styles that are simply breathtaking. You can find a stone outdoor electric fireplace and weatherproof designs to suit your requirements. Decorating your outdoors with this useful furniture will soon make your garden a gathering place of all your friends and family. With outdoor electric fireplace in your backyard or garden, you don’t face the halt in your outdoor entertainment because of the cold weather.

Moreover, these fireplaces are an essential item of outdoor décor and landscaping. Not only are they useful for warming the environment, they are also decorative and fill an empty space with elegance. There are different shapes and styles of these fireplaces that the homeowner can choose according to the preferences.

Outdoor electric fireplaces can be made out of various different materials depending on the choice of the homeowner. Most people prefer cast iron aluminum as it is rust free and durable. Other types may include stone and brick fireplaces. Many people use outdoor fireplaces in order to add beauty to their outdoor environment. Therefore this hand crafted fireplace adds the elegance that is required by the homeowner.

The best part about these fireplaces is that they are very safe to be kept outdoors. They are protected with safety gauges and do not support real wood burning, avoiding injuries especially to young children. Plus they are nature friendly and do not create air pollution to destroy the natural beauty of winter.

These fireplaces are designed with an additional feature of being weatherproof. Therefore, they are not supposed to move in and out of the house when a storm is near. They can also be operated without heat and you can have the attractive glow of a fire during summer evening without heat. Some of these fireplaces come with additional built in space to do plantation. This definitely doesn’t add to the purpose but to the beauty.

There are many more advantages that would further be described by the individual products that Dimplex Electric Fireplace Company offers:

Dimplex Rockport Outdoor Electric Fireplace – this fireplace combines a charming natural fieldstone look with three sealed planter boxes which makes the Rockport as appealing in the sunlight as it is with the flames ablaze under the stars. It also includes integrated speakers and MP3 input for easy year-round operations.

Dimplex Scottsdale Outdoor Electric Fireplace – there is a clear advantage when making your decision to purchase this fireplace. To begin with, this item offers instant ambiance as it is incredibly lifelike with its patented flame technology which creates the look of a wood fire. Also, it has a safe and clean electric operation as it operated without heat. Add a charming focal point to your outdoor living area in just minutes.

Dimplex Rockling Outdoor Electric fireplace features:

· 26″ outdoor fireplace package

· Brushed stainless steel finish on firebox

· Audio jack input

· Mounted speakers in mantel top

· Annual operating cost is less than $10.00- based on 4 hours/ day

· 20 electrical cord allows fireplace to be located almost anywhere

· 1-year warranty

· Dimensions: 44.75″ H x 51.75″ W x 21.25″ D

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