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Listing Agents: Don’t You Owe It To Your Clients To Get THROUGH?

One of the most essential characteristics, in nearly every aspect of life, may be the ability to effectively communicate, and articulate a clear – cut message, which is relevant and insightful! When a homeowner, selects you to represent them in the all – important process of selling and marketing their home, a listing agent must be ready, willing and able, to clearly, directly get THROUGH to his client, in a manner, which is understood, appreciated, and they are willing to accept and buy – into. Quite often, the most successful way to market a house, is when real estate agent, and his client, are on the same page, and work together, as a team! Let’s use the mnemonic approach, to consider some of these aspects.

1. Timely; trends: Real estate market conditions change regularly. Strategies must consider whether we are in a Buyers Market, Sellers Market, or balanced one! Therefore, your agent should recognize the trends, and recommend a timely, relevant marketing plan, and strategy!

2. Hear; humane: Seek an agent who hears what you want and need, listens effectively, and pays keen attention. This period is often a somewhat stressful one, for a variety of reasons, perhaps, most significantly, because, for most people, their house’s value, represents their single biggest financial asset! Therefore, be certain to opt for a humane representative!

3. Reach them; relate; relationship; relevant: What does an agent need to do, to best reach, those he represents? Can he relate to their needs, and perceptions? What type of relationship, will be formed? Will the connection, be a relevant one?

4. Options; opportunities; opinions: Will you carefully consider and evaluate the best options and alternatives? Will you be prepared for opportunities? One’s agent must be willing to articulate and explain his opinions, clearly, thoroughly and completely!

5. Useful; unique perspective: Many times, moving for, in a useful way, is all that’s necessary. However, when it’s called for, seek someone who also has a somewhat, unique perspective, in order to make your home, stick – out, in a favorable way!

6. Generate goodwill; get it: Seek someone who generates goodwill and cooperate, in an honest, ethical way, rather than an individual who moves forward, in a negative, adversarial, or polarizing manner! Be certain your agent gets it, and you!

7. How: Beware of flowery rhetoric, or empty promises! Ask how one will get you the most desirable results!

If you’re an agent, view this process, as a potential client might! Don’t you owe it to your clients, to get THROUGH?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, for 4 decades, and a RE Licensed Salesperson for a decade+. Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: [http://PortWashingtonRealEstateOffice.com] and LIKE the Facebook page for real estate: http://facebook.com/PortWashRE

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