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Importance of Insulation – Why Is It Necessary?

Modern times have seen a considerable increase in the dependency of the human race on electricity. This in turn has led to the development of an extensive network of power systems. These power systems for their efficient and better management rely heavily on a proper insulation system. Essentially, insulation is used in an electrical power system to ensure that there is no leakage of current to the earth from various supporting points of the power lines. For all intents and purposes, these insulators in addition to preventing the unwanted current leakage also provide safety to the personnel repairing the power lines.

As these power lines and the associated equipments are usually operated in a considerably high current and voltage range (the normal working range can lie between 220 Volts to as high as 220 Kilo Volts), the insulation material used in such applications are usually subjected to a certain extent of high temperatures. This requires these insulation materials to be designed in such a way that the high temperatures do not have any adverse affect on its structure. In fact, the design should possess enough durability to ensure that they function with minimal maintenance and repairs and have a long life.

Normally, the usual applications require these products to be of heat shrinkage type. Essentially, these are shrinkable plastic tubes that in addition to providing insulation against heat and electricity also help the users to protect their equipments against abrasion. In order to avoid the stresses that it is subjected to, it becomes absolutely essential to ensure that these equipments are given necessary protection with the help of the heat shrinkage products.

Why is Insulation Required?

When it comes to insulation, the real question that needs answering is what the actual need of insulation is in electrical power systems. In essence, an efficient insulation system is quite critical for the proper working of the equipments and cables. In order to understand their true importance some key points are provided as below:

Insulation reduces the cost of energy that is to be used.

As in the cases of electricity, energy saved is essentially energy produced, thus the use of insulation is quite necessary in case of electrical power systems and associated equipments.

Provides safety to the users

Customizable products available in a huge variety can be employed in otherwise inaccessible contours and areas.

Also provide protection from impact and abrasion.

Reduces energy consumption, thereby saves power costs

Different types / kinds of Products Available:

There are various kinds of products available which are essentially designed to fit the various requirements of the consumers. Some of the products that are worth mentioning are as follow:

Heat Shrinkable Joints and terminations

Heat Shrink Tubes

Switchgear Insulation Products

Pole Cap

Electrical Insulating Boot

Dock Pile Cap


Stress Control Cap

Heat Shrink Coupler

Stress Control Tube

Solder Sleeve

These are amongst some of the quality products available in the market for the benefit of consumers. All these products are tested before sale and completely satisfy the various international standards that in turn make them safer to operate and handle.

While insulation is absolutely essential, the purpose is served only if you rely on trusted source for procuring insulation products.

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